by:Nathan T

Where does the chameleon live?

Chameleons live in India, the Middle East, Madagascar, and Southern Europe. The scrublands and forests make the chameleons habitat perfect.

Is a chameleon a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

A chameleon is a vertebrate. A chameleon has a backbone/ spinal column. It is not like an insect, insects do not have a backbone.

What does a chameleon eat?

A chameleon eats silkworms, fruit flies, house flies, crickets, mealworms, tropical roaches, pink mice, and small lizards. It also eats some greens, making it an omnivore.

How does a chameleon adapt to survive in the jungle?

Some of a chameleons adaptations are their eyes can move in different directions so they can spot prey and predators. Another adaptation of chameleons is their tounge can reach one foot to catch their prey. A final adaptation of chameleons is they can change colors to hide from predators.