Your coral reefs are dying!

The reefs have begun to bleach and die due to warmer waters

A healthy coral reef

Coral reefs are small to medium collections of coral life on the outsides of coast lines. But some reefs including the Great Barrier Reef lay several miles out of any land and can grow into huge masses or coral and sponge life. Reefs provide living areas for thousands of other creatures and irreplaceable breeding grounds for many of the worlds smaller fish. Some reefs are large enough to be seen from space.

How climate change is effecting reefs and what it will do.

The coral reefs have been on a decline over the past decade due to both pollution and climate change. With warmer water temperatures the coral reefs are becoming sick, this causes the reef to bleach. There are also direct ways we are killing the reef such as pollution causing the water to become murky and not allowing sunlight to shine to the UV Ray dependent organisms underneath the surface. Only 5 percent of the reefs are currently not dying while 10% has already died world wide and in certain areas more then half the reefs have already died off. Without reefs our under water Eco systems wpuld take a huge hit. Multiple fish species and other sponge life would become endangered or extinct. The world needs its coral reefs to maintain healthy sea life. This directly effects thousands of other creatures in and out of the ocean.

A ocean without coral reefs would look dull.