A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

Stave 1

Scrooge: Scrooge is a very greedy, money loving business man. He is very rude and doesn't like people.

Bob Cratchit: He works for Scrooge trying to support his family and earn money to save his son. He is very humble, and loyal to his family. He listens to Scrooge and is a hard worker.

Fred: The nephew of Scrooge, he is very joyful and loud. He loves party's and fun. He always wants to involve everyone, including his stubborn uncle, Scrooge.

The ghost of Jacob Marley: Jacob Marley had previously worked with Scrooge, when he was still alive. He came to Scrooge trying to help him. He obviously was a caring man, coming from the dead to warn Scrooge. He was very dead looking. He had a handkerchief wrapped around his head, so his jaw wouldn't fall off. He was raggedy and decaying.

Stave 2

The first ghost was bright and eerie looking. It's head was glowing making it seem as if it had 1,000 lightbulbs attached to it. It had aged features, yet child-like proportions. It had long white hair and smooth skin, like a child. He had on a white robe, decorated with summer flowers. He carries holly branches and a cap in his hands. His body seemed to like disappear, making it seem like he had many limbs coming from his body. The ghost took him to his old town, He saw all the people and children that he used to know. He see's himself sitting alone, reading a book. Seeing the characters from the book pop out and act out what he was reading, Scrooge cried, all the emotions and memories building up on him. The ghost takes him to when his sister had told him he could come home, he remembered how happy he had been and how sad he had been when his sister had died and he was left with his nephew. He is brought to another Christmas to where he is under an apprenticeship with Fezziwig. He remembers the joy and fun he had under his boss. He remembered the parties, the dancing, and the joy he felt. The ghost takes him to wear he had ended his relationship with his fiance over money. She was crying and he was just fine. It tormented Scrooge, as the ghost took him to wear his fiance was happily married and had children, her husband bringing toys and presents home. Scrooge begged to be brought home, he put the cap over the ghost's head extinguishing the light. Bringing Scrooge home. I think he took Scrooge to those places so he could see how he used to be. To see when people liked him. To see who he really was.

Stave 3

The second ghost had very kind eyes, surrounded by long hair and a beard. He is dressed in a green robe, with a wreath of holly around his head. He is sitting in a tavern filled with food and greenery. The ghost tells him to touch his robe and they fly to where the ghost will take him. The ghost takes him first to the city streets, where people are singing and chatting merrily, despite how gloomy the weather was. After visiting the city, he takes Scrooge to the outskirts of town. They go to Bob Cratchit's house, They see Bob walk in with his son, Tiny Tim on his back. Bob had a tear in his eye, telling his wife about how Tim wanted people to see his crippled state, so they could see how Jesus helps the sick. The family then gets supper ready, acting joyful and praying bout how lucky they are. The family sits around the fir together and Tiny Tim blesses the family. Scrooge asks the spirit if Tiny Tim will survive. The ghost replies with, it's not likely. Then Bob Cratchit starts toasting to Scrooge. He says that he forgives anything on Christmas. Scrooge is touched by this. They travel around the town seeing so many other sights like this, of people being joyful, spending time with their families. The ghost then takes Scrooge to far away places showing him many people even far away from Scrooge are joyful and happy on Christmas, despite their situations. Scrooge is then transported to his nephews house, where a party is going on. He notices they are all laughing at him saying "humbug" to Christmas. Fred says that he feels bad for scrooge, that he is missing many god moments. People laugh at that as well. Scrooge starts playing the party games, begging the ghost to let him stay for just one more game. They then leave the party, visiting many other happy Christmas scenes. Scrooge notices the ghost is beginning to age. He informs Scrooge that his life will end at midnight. Scrooge notices two children under the ghost's robe. the ghost says that Scrooge must beware the children, Their names are want and ignorance. Scrooge asks if they don't have anywhere to go. The ghost then quotes Scrooge on something mean Scrooge had said about poor, homeless children.The clock suddenly stroke midnight. The ghost disappeared, leaving a phantom ghost coming towards him.
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Stave 4

The last ghost approaches Scrooge, revealing only his outstretched bony hand, pointing. Scrooge asks if he is the ghost of Christmas past. The ghost doesn't reply, so Scrooge has to assume. Scrooge tells him that he fears him most of all. Scrooge urges that he show him what he has to. To get it over with and help him. Scrooge follows the spirit and they suddenly end up on the street. They overhear a group of businessmen gossiping about the latest death in the city. The businessmen are joking and laughing, saying they will only go to the funeral if there is food. Saying that no one even liked him anyway. The ghost leads him to an alley-way where people are sorting through someones belongings, the belongings of the dead man everyone is talking about. They are saying no one will even notice his things are gone. Saying that no one cared about him anyway. They are all laughing over the belonging they had taken. The light changes and they are in a dim room with a body laying on a bed. The ghost points to the body, yet Scrooge can't find himself to reveal the body. Scrooge thinks about how awful it is to have died alone. Scrooge tells the ghost he is aware of the lesson learned and begs the ghost to leave. Yet they are instantly transported to the house of a young couple. They feel sorry for Scrooge, but yet are happy that they don't owe him any money anymore, now that he is dead. Scrooge wishes to see some tenderness on Christmas. The ghost takes him to Bob Cratchit's house. Where Scrooge realizes that Tiny Tim had died.Scrooge feels pain in his heart. Scrooge asks for a final time who the dead man was. The ghost takes him to his empty workplace, and to a single grave site. Scrooge cries out, seeing that the grave inscribed his own name. Scrooge gets on his knees, assuring the ghost that he had learned all of his lessons. He squeezed the ghosts knees, as the ghost suddenly disappeared into the ground.

Stave 5

Scrooge wakens to find himself in bed. He is so happy to see everything in place. All of his belongings still there. He jumps out of bed and runs to the window, seeing a little boy. He shouts out to the little boy asking him what day it was. The boy replied with Christmas day. Making Scrooge overjoyed, knowing he hadn't missed christmas yet. He leaves his house and asks the boy to go out and get the prize turkey from the window, and deliver it to the Cratchit's. He sees the man that asked him for money for the homeless and apologizes asking for another chance and to come over later. Scrooge goes to his nephew's house and asks the housekeeper if he can come inside. The housekeeper leads him inside. Everyone is surprised, yet delighted to see him. They make him feel welcome and everything feels happy, just like the spirit showed him. The next morning Scrooge arrives at the workplace early hoping to catch Bob Cratchit coming in late. Sure enough, he does. Scrooge pretends to be his old self and growls at him, criticizing him for being late. He starts out by punishing him, then surprising Bob by giving him a raise. He then promises to help Cratchit and his family. The narrator ends saying that Scrooge did all the promises and more. Tiny Tim survived and thrived, and Scrooge becomes more popular than ever, known for his Christmas spirit.