Clarke Central High School


Dear Students and Parents,

We, the faculty of Clarke Central High School, are proud to present to you a new dimension of learning that will provide great academic advancement to our students. This new dimension of learning is called mobile learning. Effective Fall 2015, All CCHS students will be provided iPads to use during the school year, in their classes. We are excited to be making this change. Anticipation arises as we await the great things that will come from the incorporation of technology into our curriculum. In the paragraphs below we will address the benefits of this initiative, give examples of activities, and provide ways the parents can get involved.

Why mobile learning?

Mobile learning is described as "learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices" in the Handbook of Mobile Learning. This will give students to much access to learning and information. Their learning will not just be limited to information and knowledge within in the walls of the classroom. Mobile Learning gives them seemingly unlimited knowledge about all different subjects. They will be able to communicate with people all around the world and share information with them.

This new shift is not about adding technology on top of the curriculum that we already have. This is about so much more than that. This is about catering to the modern needs of our students. This is about the Universal Design of Learning. We want to give the students the information in a way that will best be received by them. Not only that but we want them to have the opportunity to express what they have learned using mediums in which they are comfortable and proficient in. We want them to be able to have a multitude of different activities that will ensure that they reiterate what they have learned. We are giving our students the opportunity to shine by shifting their learning experience to the things they know; technology.

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There are many ways that technology will be incorporated into the learning experience. One way that the teachers plan to do this is by giving students time in class to research different subjects and share the things that they have found. Teachers will also be using the technology to do in class quizzes and assignments. This will be especially useful because with the advanced technology that is now available the students will be able to take a quiz and get it graded immediately. There will be so many more options for assignments by using iPads. Students can use many different software to generate presentations for the things they have learned. Students will be able to do more group projects because of instant access to information.

In addition to those things, students will be able to use their iPads to take notes. We will teach them a new way of taking notes called visual note-taking. This will open up so many doors for their learning experience.

How to take Visual Notes
Parents, we know that you want what is best for your children. Therefore, we know that you will help in any way possible. We are giving you the opportunity to talk with your children and help prepare them for this monumental shift. We are providing you additional resources so that you can be well informed about what is to come. You will be able to address things with your students and the transition will go a lot more smoothly. Below are buttons that you and your student can click on to learn more about Mobile Learning...

We hope that this letter has been very informative to our students and parents. We can not stress enough how excited we are about making the switch to Mobile Learning. The long-term rewards of this will be so great that we will never be able to imagine. We are so happy to have the cooperation of our parents as they speak with their children about this over the summer time. We are sure that by the fall all the students will be well-prepared and ready to dive into this new world of learning. If there are any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email or call me and I will be sure to address your concerns.

Best Regards,

Jasmine Norton

CCHS Technology Specialist

(706) 123-4567