Kids! Mal- for sale!!!

Call: 1-800-not-a-real-number

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Are you tired of older kids bullying you because you are too nice or too kind to others?

Do you want that to change?

Does it make you upset?

Don't you deserve the best?

Then buy Mal today! If you buy it, it can get to your evil side and make you more popular at school! When you buy Mal you will see how much life will change! Now bully's won't stuff you in trashcans! Mal will fit its way in to make you bad but look good at the same time and make you the cool kid!

Mal- story

One morning Mal woke up! He set out to go and take belongings that didn't belong to him! He always said to himself "if its free, then it's for me!"

But soon the police came and took him to jail! He then changed his ways but was still had a side of him that was evil!

So now he is here to help you! He is here to help you find you bad side!

Why is Mal so perfect? Because it changes your ways! Unlike Benine! He is always to harmless and is so useless! Nobody bothers to want him but everybody bothers to get Mal! Sometimes you just have to say "forget it! I'm gettin' the good stuff!" and as you say that grab the phone and dial 1-800-not-a-real-number now!

How does it work?

Mal- is super high tech and with just a click of a button, it will find you and help you with everything you need! From making you popular to making you join a gang! It will stay with you forever and ever! Order now!


This product may make you lose all of you hair if consumed... if you have consumed the product then call the ambulance and when you feel better... go get some ice cream... seriously.... go get some ice cream and go to sea world!

Buy it today!