Pearl Brown

Easter Island

airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving Denver,Colorado at 10am on Tue April 15 and I will be stopping at 12:30pm (Miami,) to catch my connecting flight I will be arriving at 2:10pm (Easter Island) and i will be departing at 8:20pm and landing at. I will be leaving Tue April 15 and i will be returning Thu may 15.


I will be staying at Hotel Hangaroa, It will cost $927 to stay there. Also, It will cost about $29-31 for each night I stay at the Hotel Hangaroa and I will be staying there for 31 days.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Its hard to speak their language and what to do on the Island. Especially when you are trying to get around the Island.


My Conclusion/Reflection is that when I went to Easter Island I had some trouble speaking their language. I also got to go swimming and got to look at the pyramids. Another thing I had trouble with was trying to get around the Island by myself.