The Flats-324

January 2016 Newsletter

Holiday Decorating Contest

A big "Thank you" to those who participated in our holiday decorating contest. We have some festive residents here at The Flats-324! If you haven't checked out all those who decorated, you definitely should! The residents who felt a little festive this year are in the following apartments: 103, 106, 204, 216, 219, 307, 308, 311 & 401 went crazy with the decorations on the inside of their apartment (see photo to the right).

The winners will receive $75, $50 & $25....congratulations winners!!!

3rd Place: #204

2nd Place: #103

1st Place: #219


Holiday Office Hours

We are closing the office starting on Christmas Eve (12/24) through Monday (1/4).

After hour lockout calls: (316) 617-1832

Security & Noise Issues: (316) 209-0436

Farewell to Kathy Goebel, security guard at The Flats-324.

We're sad to say that Kathy's leaving us at the end of March when her lease is up. She has been here since we converted into an apartment community in 2010. She has done so much for the property & for the residents who have lived & currently reside here. She will be greatly missed!

From this point on, please call Signal 88 (316-209-0436) for all security matters such as loud noise complaints, suspicious persons on the property, strange activity going on in or around the community, etc.

For maintenance emergencies* & after hour lock outs (which are now $25 each), please call or text (316) 617-1832.

*To clarify what a maintenance emergency is- please remember "blood/flood/fire." If you need a package from the office, a copy of your lease or your smoke detector is chirping, these are not considered emergencies & can wait until the next business day.

Do you hear that echo?

Our halls are very wide and no secret is safe....having said that, when coming home late at night (after 10:00 p.m.), please keep your voices down as there are quite a few apartments near the entrance. We have residents that work all hours of the day & night & sleep is precious. Thanks so much!

Need to reach us? Feel free to send us an e-mail & we'll get back with you soon!