The Stock Report

Staff Announcements 9/19/16

Every truth has four corners: as a teacher I give you one corner, and it is for you to find the other three ~ Confucius

  1. Our first full week...Amazing and exhausting! Great job, everyone!
  2. Purchasing: We are STRONGLY encouraged to use Oracle, our internal purchasing tool, and not outside sources. If the items can’t be found through Oracle, then Pat will give you permission to buy your item elsewhere. If that should occur, please only buy school items on a single receipt and use a separate receipt for personal items you may be buying at the same time, from the same store. Once purchased, please take a picture of the item(s) in your classroom and email it to Pat. Also, items purchased for shipment must be shipped to Stock School only and not to your home.
  3. We have been advised by the fire dept that nothing should be on the Univents.
  4. Please turn off small lamps every night, close any windows that you may have opened and pull down the shades before you leave for the day.
  5. Although so many of your classrooms smell beautiful, please be aware that some students and staff members have scent sensitivities (say that three times fast!). Please limit the amount of scent that one can sense. (ha!)
  6. Please review all of the organizations’ websites that offer conferences and workshops that you might be interested in attending. If you see one that will positively influence your professional impact on students, let me know ASAP.
  7. Please pay your Social Dues!. Please pay Mary Pat $ 25 this week. It is no fun asking again and again for dues. Please help Mary Pat out by paying immediately.
  8. Margaret is coming back to work on September 21. Three cheers for Margaret!! (Thank goodness!)
  9. Please be prepared for any Intake Meetings that you may have this week.
  10. Room Walk next Friday after a brief Staff Meeting. Please keep in mind the Fundamental Principles of a DAP room as well as the 12 Principles of Child Development and Learning while you present your room “Show and Tell”. Be prepared to explain why your physical environment supports your philosophy in those areas. (See the Professional Development folder in the School Year 2016 folder on the Drive. In that folder, there is a reminder of DAP etc.). This experience is meant to be a collaborative opportunity to learn from one another and positively impact your professional practice. It is not a competition. You are all similar and yet different. Just as you have been teaching the students for the past several weeks, we are all friends that should cherish our similarities and bask in our respected differences.
  11. Does anyone remember having a parent named Clarissa last year or this year? Please let me know if you did/do.
  12. Correct attendance is vitally important. Please be sure to individually mark each student as present or absent in IMPACT. Please make sure that every student in your class is on your electronic roster. If the office forgets to add a new student, we count on you to let us know. Also, keep an updated monthly attendance sheet in your Red/Green binder.
  13. There were some individual concerns/questions that resulted from the Evacuation Drill. I will post a Google Doc in the School Year 2016 folder so that you can share your questions and we can provide answers for all to see. The drills were both a huge success! Well done!
  14. I have changed the All School Music time in the afternoon with Ms. Alli. Please note the change on the Master Schedule.
  15. Committees, please work on providing Pat/Nikki with the name of the Chair, members, dates of your activities and a supply list.
  16. Mary B is working at Stock every morning and is available to cover in the PM.
  17. Amy L is hosting a back to school party at her new home on Sept 30th. All are welcome.
  18. Click on the link for your motivational speech! It is probably blocked on the CPS network, so also try from home.