Mr. Nobles U.S. History Field Trip

SC State Museum

April 11

Buses will leave at 7:00 am on April 11 and will return at 6:00 pm on April 11.

Please be on time the buses will not wait for you if you are late.

Cost of SC State Museum Trip is $29.00 for students and $35.00 for chaperones

The $29.00 covers the Planetarium show, the 4D theater show, the Blockbuster Exhibit, and lunch/dinner.

We will need 5 chaperons for this trip.

If you are wanting to chaperon contact me or the school.

Chaperons do need a SLED background check before being able to go on the field trip.

Permission slips and chaperon forms are due by March 11

Standards that this trip covers

USHC-2.3 Compare the economic development in different regions (the South, the North, and the West) of the United States during the early nineteenth century, including ways that economic policy contributed to political controversies.

USHC-2.4 Compare the social and cultural characteristics of the North, the South, and the West during the antebellum period, including the lives of African Americans and social reform movements such as abolition and women’s rights.

Standard USHC-4: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the industrial development and the consequences of that development on society and politics during the second half of the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries.

USHC-4.3 Evaluate the role of capitalism and its impact on democracy, including the ascent of new industries, the increasing availability of consumer goods and the rising standard of living, the role of entrepreneurs, the rise of business through monopoly and the influence of business ideologies.