My plan for summer : )


This summer I plan to go camping. Every year the Guzman Family does a family reunion by camping. At camp we do so much fun stuff. This year we have decided to do a pot luck the day everyone gets there. Yum!! The members of the family will bring something delicious:o.

We have a huge family so there is sure to be a lot of food. We also do raffles depending on our age range, and get to win amazing prizes. My cousins and I all play water fights and other really cool games.

The camp is a perfect spot. They have a pool, showers, a beach and stores! I know I will definitely enjoy this years reunion. We celebrate this event for the family to reunite with family members that may live far away or just haven't seen each other in a while.

My Birthday

My birthday is in the summer. Fun Fact: I was born on my moms birthday. I am going to take my mom out to eat for breakfast with the money I earned from babysitting. I am also going to get her a nice present. We plan to have our party at home and have friends and family come over.

My Events

Pitbull - Fun (Audio) ft. Chris Brown