All About Me

A story of Ryan Bunch

All About Me

  • I love to watch the show called Da Ali G Show, which is a satirical show that deals with many controversial topics and is very funny. Not entirely appropriate humor, but it is good.
  • I also enjoy to play video games, and I am very competitive when I play. I hate to lose and it is fun to win.
  • I spend most of my money on my aquariums, and I enjoy the hobby of fish keeping a lot.
  • I swim on the highschool swim team here at Corning and am a very good Backstroker
  • I have two brothers, one who is 19 and one who is 14.

Ali G

The image below is Ali G
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Cool Aquarium Fish

Here Are some interesting freshwater fish you may not know about:
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I am a great backstroker in my own opinion, and I placed 8th in Section 4 Class A for the 100 yard Backstroke.


I have been to Provedenciales which is part of the TCI or Turks and Caicos Islands.
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