American poetry

Anthony Wheaton

Annoying little kid

Not in trouble as much as now

Talkative to everyone
Hard to control my temper
Outstanding student 2 times
Nfl was my favorite TV show
Young kid with a dream

Wiling to do any to play
Hard to not love
Eats a lot of food
Always playing sports
Taught to be a man
Only child that was babied
Not an outside person

Earth day

heavy clouds coming from miles and miles away.

loud roar from the fast cars on the street.

the sap from the pine tree

fresh green grass that stands tall on its feet

the heat from the biggest star in the galaxy

life is like

life is like a video game

it can be hard and

it can be easy

but at the end of the day its to have fun.

life is like the ocean it can be peaceful and quire

it can be confusing and loud

and filled with myserties

i accomplished

I finally accomplished my goal

I made it into the NBA

my dream, my pation, my life

I gave enough money to pay my moms bills

I've been playing for this

moment several of years.

to feel an NBA jersey

with my name on the back

my name was called first

and tears ran down my

face as they put me

in a jersey that was handed to me by kobe

my money

my money my money could it be

my money my money are you playing hide and seek

im looking for you up and down

im looking for you round and round

I saw something green with the

corner of my eye it might be my money my o my

that's not my money I see

that's just a leaf from a tree

my trip to california

I went to LA, California for my 65 party were there was mac and cheese and heavey steak with a fat greasy ham.

I am a mustang

I am a furious mustang

that us fast and strong

im faster than humans

I am faster than some cars

I can run faster than you

I have more stamina too

I can outrun an human

if you give me a carrot ill slow down for you

I love running as free

as I can be when you

get on my back

its enough weight for just me

Anthony Wheaton In 20 years

Athletic superstar
Notorious a.w
Tomahawk dunking point guard
Hardest working NBA player ever
Original athlete
Natural superstar
Young hall of famer In the making

Wheaton for the 3
Heat trades Anthony to the Lakers
Entire croud rises to there feet
All star team one
Talking in an interview after winning MVP
Out standing sportsmen ship
Notorious cars