Ms. Jenkins' Class

Newsletter 34

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Field Day was a huge success! The students had a good time with a Friday full of fun.

Important Dates

May 11-13 : Ms. Jenkins out for a training: send all messages to office

May 22 : Round Rock Express Night (see ebackpack)

May 25 : No School

June 4 : End of the Year Party

June 5 : Last Day of School

Class Code for scholastic book orders: N8RJV

I did NOT send home PBL binders yet! They will be home soon, thank you for your patience.

May 11-15

Math: We will continue our fraction unit. We will partition objects into equal parts and name the parts using words (halves, fourths, & eighths). We will explain that the more fractional parts used to make a whole, the smaller the part; and the fewer the fractional parts, the larger the part. We will use concrete models to count fractional parts beyond one whole using words and recognize how many parts it takes to equal one whole.

Reading: We will continue practicing our “Read Like a Third Grader” strategies. Students will work independently to complete reading passages and questions.

Writing: This week we will continue writing small moments but this time in response to a writing prompt. Students will hopefully apply all the parts of making a great small moment story in a more structure format.

Science: Students will explore the processes in the water cycle, including evaporation, condensation, and precipitation, as connected to weather conditions. We will conduct various experiments; examining the amount of time it takes a water puddle to evaporate in the sun, how many water droplets fill up a cotton ball before the “cloud” gets heavy with water droplets and begins to “rain”, and how condensation forms after evaporation takes place. Students will understand that the sun is the energy source in the water cycle.