The Boston Massacre

The rise of freedom

why did this subject grab my attention?

The Boston Massacre grasped my attention because it was a really big part of our history. It was just were people were protesting to British guards about high taxes and were killed for it.

History of The boston Massacre

According to The Boston Massacre was a street brawl that happened on March 5th 1770. Patriot mobs were throwing snowballs filled with rocks inside of them at British troops. Several colonists were killed and this arose a complaint by speech writers to rise the ire of the citizenry. The presence of British troops in the city of Boston was unwelcome. The riot began when about fifty citizens attacked a British sentinel. A officer, Thomas Preston called in additional soldiers and these 2 were attacked, so the soldiers fired into the mob killing 3 on the spot and wounding 8 others, 1 of whom died later. This cause arose the want for freedom.

What lead up to The Boston Massacre

Well according there were 3 major things that led to the Boston Massacre. 1st was the growing hate among the British soldiers and Americans. There were a lot of other problems were the British fought with the patriots and their supporters. British soldiers were brutalized and soldiers abused the people of Boston. Everyone in Boston made it clear that the soldiers were not wanted. The second reason was the upraising of more and more troops to keep the peace. The British military wanted to make it clear to the civilians that who was in control. The last reason was when the civilians revolted the Townshend Acts. The patriots and Americans did not agree and strife with the British soldiers over it. The Act built tension between the two. Witch causing The Boston Massacre.


There are many sources that cover the Boston massacre like the web page which includes a brief summary of the Boston massacre. Another link which states why the Boston massacre happened. There are also books witch include The Boston Massacre written by Michael Burgan which provides you a nice summary in pictures and why everything led up to the event. There are also videos you can go to, to get a synopsis over the Boston massacre at . Lastly there is a site that can provide you with every detail over the Massacre is

How does your subject’s legacy affect current society?

The Boston Massacre does make a huge impact on today’s society because back in the old days british soilders would just fire onto the crowd without any remorse but times have changed in the great sate of America were if people were to protest and get to out of control. Police officers can control the situation with tear gas and riot shields and material on those lines without injuring the people critically. Laws have changed over time

Explain, in detail, what you learned about your subject and how you may apply it in a positive manner to your own life and future success.

The things I learned about the Boston massacre is that group of common people were just fid up with the taxes and got killed for it. Even though they used aggression towards the British troops they shouldn’t have been killed for it. I think this act lead to freedom of speech because they were just protesting and they basically didn’t have the right to.