Established 2000

Political State Facts

*Population: 1,200,000

*Governor: Jim Bob Saggot

*Senators: CJ Smithson- Republican, Lou Johnson- Republican

*House of Representatives Members: 2

*Major Exports: Whiskey

*Major Imports: Corn

Fun State Facts

*State Bird: Woodpecker

*Universities/Colleges: Aladia University, Rowan Community College

*Sports Teams: Aladia Elephants

*Major River: Rowan River

*Counties: 15

*Largest City: Clinon

*Bordering States: Alabama and Florida

*State Nickname: Oakland

*State Motto: Live Freely

*State Song: Live Free

These steps were taken in order for Aladia to become a State:

1. Aladia asked Congress for admission.

2. Congress chose to pass an Enabling Act.

3. A territorial convention prepares the Constitution for the State.

4. Then it was put to a popular vote in the Proposed state.

5. Voters approved the Constitution and it was submitted to Congress for consideration.

6.Congress passed Act of Adimission.

7. President Bush Signs the act and Aladia became a State