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RHS Vision Statement

Each Randolph High School student will reach their full potential by demonstrating high levels of growth and achievement in a respectful and inclusive environment that honors and celebrates our diverse community.

On behalf of the entire RHS faculty, Happy New Year to all RHS and RPS families!! As we all begin a new calendar year and RHS gets ready to enter the second half of our school year, we are excited to share our new vision statement.

Each Randolph High School student will reach their full potential

by demonstrating high levels of growth and achievement

in a respectful and inclusive environment

that honors and celebrates our diverse community.

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RHS’ previous vision statement served as the foundation for our new one but several important and relevant changes were incorporated as well. These changes came about as a result of multiple meetings and discussions among our teachers, staff, student leadership council (SLC) and parent-teacher organization (PTO). Ultimately, we came forward with several versions and everyone in the groups above got a chance to vote on the final vision statement which you see above. We are very proud of our new vision statement and believe it speaks to the core values and beliefs that drive our daily work – the belief that when educated, coached, and supported to persevere, all learners and students will grow and achieve at high levels. We look forward to the many great opportunities in front of all of us as we continue to work and collaborate to make our new vision statement a reality for all our students.
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On Wednesday, February 5th from 12:30 pm - 5 pm and 6 pm - 8 pm,

Randolph High School will host our 2nd Parent-teacher conference for the 2019-20 school year.

More information to follow next week.

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2020 Census Slogan Contest

Before mid-year exams started, we made students aware of an opportunity to positively impact the town of Randolph and the Randolph Public Schools for years to come!! Below, please find the information shared with your children and encourage them to participate if they haven't already.

The 2020 Federal Census is coming to Randolph households this March. The primary goal of the 2020 Census is to count every person in Randolph (both citizens and non-citizens, including infants and children) once, only once, and in the right place.

We need your help in spreading the word to all Randolph residents about the importance of returning the Census. A complete and accurate count is critical for Randolph, because the results will affect how much federal funding Randolph will receive for schools, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs. The new population numbers will also determine how many congressional seats each state gets. After the 2010 Federal Census, Massachusetts lost a seat due to the low growth in population.

The message we hope to spread is that answering the census is important, easy, and 100% confidential. By law, the Census Bureau cannot share census answers with other government agencies, including welfare agencies, immigration, police, FBI, the IRS, the courts or the military.

For every person not counted, Randolph loses out on approximately $2,000 per year for the next 10 years. That’s $20,000! Using this formula, if one family of 5 fails to return their census, Randolph loses approximately $100,000 over the next ten years!

Help us come up with an original slogan specific to Randolph and the 2020 Federal Census, which will be printed and used on all promotional materials by the Town of Randolph.


1. Must be a student at Randolph High School in grades 9-12

2. The slogan must be 10 words or less and include “Randolph”

3. Entries must be submitted by email by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, February 7, 2020, to the Town Clerk: csass@randolph-ma.gov.

The Winner will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card.

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International Travel

I’m excited to announce that students from Randolph High School are being offered an international education experience to Italy, France, and Spain in the Spring of 2021.

By taking part in this opportunity, students are given the chance to step outside their comfort zone, gain a new sense of confidence, experience a new culture, and see the world from a different perspective.

This is an excellent opportunity! I hope that you all attend the meeting next Thursday, January 30th of 2020 at 6:30 PM – Room 240, to learn more about this once in a lifetime program.

RSVP is mandatory: Please use this link: http://bit.ly/2NNgefv

Can’t make the meeting but want more information? RSVP and select “I can’t make it.”

If you have any questions about the opportunity, please reach out to Ms. Purtell at purtellb@randolph.k12.ma.us.

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Winter Recess

Monday, Feb. 17th, 12am to Friday, Feb. 21st, 12am

70 Memorial Parkway

Randolph, MA

School's Open

Monday, Feb. 24th, 7am

70 Memorial Parkway

Randolph, MA

RHS Girls Basketball Team vs Carver High School

Friday, Jan. 24th, 6:30pm

70 Memorial Parkway

Randolph, MA

Report Cards on iParent

This message is a reminder that report-cards will only be made available on iParent and iStudent. If you haven't done so already, please sign up on iParent.

If you have any questions about this reminder, please contact us at 781-961-6200 or noreply@rps.parentlink.net. Thank you.