For Sale-The Circulatory System


About the Circulatory System

The circulatory system is a must-have! With its super transferring techniques, the circulatory system sends the blood it oxygenates throughout your body to everything that needs it (such as your muscles). This blood is used to keep your body alive and thriving every day!

This body system is made of organs (not sold separately), you will get the:

-Heart: sends blood throughout body

-Veins: carry blood back to heart away from major organs

-Capillaries: tiny blood vessels where gas exchange happens

-Arteries: carry blood away from the heart to major organs

-Spleen: helps filter out toxins in blood

You Can't Live Without it!

Let's say that you didn't buy this body system. Your moving efficiency would be slim to none! This is because the circulatory system is the only way to get oxygenated blood to power the muscles that help you move! BUY NOW WHILE YOU CAN!

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