My Country

Italy is the best

Name of my country:Italy

Date joined The European Union:1952

Was you're a country a founder of the EU?: Yes

History of your country

Was your country a part of another country at any point? Vatican City and San Marino.

Where is it located? Vatican found near the tiber river.

Interesting Facts


Italy the flag

The flag is a tricolor. Red prat of flag shows violent struggle to become a unified and independent nation. The capital and other major city's are Rome- capital. Foggia, Bari, Latina, Turin.

Other Things Important To This

Tourism; what attracts people to your country.

People should visit some of the pizza places in Rome because most of all of them make the best pizza.

Geography of your countrY: The Geography of Italy has two mountain ranges, namely the Alps and the Apennines. The Apennine mountain range is the literal backbone of the country, surrounding the north-western parts, from where it goes to join the Alps.

Government type: Constitutional