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Black Label DFT

Le-VeL successfully released the next generation of DFT's in mid August. The Black Label DFT is a revamped formula specifically designed to increase your body's metabolic state with added mood elevation. The reviews are pouring in and the reactions so far have been nothing short of amazing! Black Label DFT is available for purchase now through your FREE customer account!

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Delicious & Yummy

Le-Vel has done it again! During the month of September chocolate lovers will be able to finally get their fix! The new Delicious and Yummy nutrient powder mix will be available soon. Premium nutrition with a chocolate twist!

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Breaking Ranks

Congratulations to our newest 4K VIPs for earning an iPad Mini bonus of $299!

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Congratulations to our newest 12K VIPs for earning up to $800 a month auto bonus!

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