Come to Virginia!

Best colony out of the 13

Virginia was settled by Great Britain and was founded in 1607. It was the first permanent English colony in North America and was a business enterprise: sending people to America in search of gold and other precious goods. The Virginia Company was founded in Jamestown which was what people would work for she sent to America in search of goods. Shortly after settling in Virginia, the British forced Native Americans off their own land to be used for cultivation and to grow tobacco.

Awesome Factors of Virginia!

Location is Great!

The location of this colony is in the South and is on the coast of North America. The location has helped the economic development because the location and weather has created fertile soil to grow tobacco which has become a major cash crop and has led to much of the wealth in Colonial Virginia. The warm location makes it possible to grow such great tobacco!


Virginia Colony mainly exports goods but is a big part of slave trade. Virginia colony has one of the biggest slave population!

Why is Virginia Colony the best?

There are many influential people here in Colonial Virginia! As well as great things so do. The warm weather is also great! Because it is a business enterprise through Great Britain wealth and good are plentiful. Geography of Colonial Virginia is also very diverse: mountains, valleys and great plains so you'll never get bored of the beautiful land of Virginia! Big cities such as Jamestown, Williamsburg, and RIchmond are full of great people and great things as well!

John Smith

He founded Virginia Colony!

John Rolfe

He created the first successful cultivation of tobacco in Colonial Virginia as an export crop.

Nathaniel Bacon

He led the Bacon's Rebellion.

Bacon's Rebellion

Bacon's Rebellion was a rebellion in 1676 against the Governor William Berkeley. After English settlers arrived in Virginia, the native Americans were forced off the land, so many went looking for new places to live. However, most colonists didn't own land, so the poor English and slave colonist rebelled against the governor and the landowning supporters. The poor English and slave colonists thought worse should be put forth on the Native Americans so that there could be more land available for the landless English.
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