A Kinder Work Week

13 May - 19 May @ Jaya33

Tension is how you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.

White Collar Week is a dedication to the welfare of you and me - the working members of society who contribute their lives to our vocations with responsibility and integrity.

At Kinder Soaps, we would like to encourage you to lead a simpler, healthier and happier lifestyle starting from your first shower of the day.

Our family-friendly specialty soaps are handmade with love using a variety of ultra natural luscious concoctions of herbal and flower essential oils which acts as a comfort aid for a wide range of skin types.

For the full product menu, scroll down to our website link. Here are our White Collar Week recommendations which could help you beat daily stress and function at your very best.



Get yourself a discount when you visit the therapeutic Kinder Soap shop in Jaya33 by flashing us your staff ID or dropping in your business card to enjoy 10% savings on all purchases. Each purchase also entitles you to play a fun game with us, which could see you winning a RM50 cash voucher!

Please feel free to ask any of our Ray of Sunshine staff members for any information you need on how to improve your mind and health, with just the right amount of bath water involved.

This offer is only valid until the 19th of May, so indulge yourself, family and friends today with a spa-like treatment in your very own home!