Paw Prints


by Brianna

taylor swift

Who do you you like that is a pop star? Taylor Swift is mine. Her full name is Taylor Alison Swift. She is 23 and has a younger brother named Austin. Her parents are Scott and Adrea. Taylor makes $18 million a year. She dated Brandon Borello ,Sam Armstrong ,Joe Jonas ,Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer and she was dating Harry Styles. She was born on December 13,1989. She has won many awards, including several Grammys. She had the Top 10 hit on the country charts. She was the Top New Female Vocalist in 2007.

Temple run

Temple Run is a game that is about a guy that is running away from some animals that are chasing him because he stole something from them. You play the bad guy, who is running away from the animals. The higher you get the more stuff you can get. It's one of my favorite apps.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

There once was a lamb, that loved Mary and followed her to school. The lamb made all the children laugh, because there was not supposed to be a lamb at school. He must’ve been jumping up and down trying to find Mary, and when they went out to play, the lamb played with the children. Even though he didn’t like it very much, he still had a great time. They twirled him on the merry- go-round and played until the day was done or at least until the teacher told them to come in. The lamb had so much fun, he tried to come inside, but the teacher threw him out, and so he had to wait outside for Mary. When they left school, he was happy again.

trading card story

Once upon a time, in the town of Candy Land, there were two friends named Hippie Panda Bear and No Noes. They were walking down the street when Hippie Panda Bear saw a dragon. No Nose and Hippie Panda Bear screamed when they saw the giant dragon and ran away. Then the dragon blew flames out of her mouth and followed the two friends. Hippie Panda Bear and No Nose ran to the Colorful Waterpark because they thought the dragon was scared of the water, but they thought wrong! The dragon followed them all the way to the waterpark. The dragon chased them down the slide, followed them in the lazy river, and jumped off the diving board to catch up to Hippie Panda Bear and No Nose. Then Hippie Panda Bear and No Nose ran into the boys bathroom because they knew the dragon couldn't follow them in there. “We need to come up with a plan,” Hippie Panda Bear said, "Can we scare it away with some bamboo?"

No Nose said, " I don't know, but we can try!"

Hippie Panda Bear responded saying, " I need some bamboo." They called the Bamboo Express to order some bamboo. Once the bamboo arrived they found the dragon and waved the sticks of bamboo in his face.

The dragon just laughed and said, "You really think bamboo can scare me?" Then Hippie Panda Bear and No Nose thought they were defeated and thought nothing can scare the dragon, so they decided to go eat some ice cream, only to find out that was the thing that scared the dragon! The dragon ran away screaming terrified of the ice cream. Hippie Panda Bear and No Nose never saw the dragon again. The End.

By: Brianna Lamb and Hannah Carhart