Your Guide To Surviving

Eisenhower Middle School

Welcome To Eisenhower

Adjusting to a new school can be tough. Middle school is a lot different from elementary school, however they are more similar than they may seem. Lucky for you, you have this welcome guide to help you during the first days of Middle School!

Top 6 Tips

  1. Try and make new friends
  2. Get to class on time
  3. Don't play games during class (the teachers always know when you do)
  4. Stay to the right in the hallway (If you don't, you will most likely get yelled at)
  5. Charge your Chromebook every night
  6. Pay attention during class

What Does It Take To Fit In?

Fitting in isn't important. Everyone is unique in there own way and people will like you for you! Always remember to be yourself.


There are many sports and clubs that you can sign up for at Eisenhower!

Fall sports: cross country, field hockey

Winter sports: wrestling, cheerleading, basketball

Spring sports: baseball/softball, track and field, intramural basketball


Baking Club, History Club, Student Government, Academic Team, Words of Wisdom, Peer Leadership, Origami Club, Tech Ninjas, Chess Club, Gardening Club, Literary Magazine Club, Mural Makers, Steam Club


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Understanding Your Schedule

Your schedule will look something like this, except with different classes. On the right hand side under the words "PER" there will be a number which tells you what period you have that class. For example, during the 9th period I have language arts.

Under the section titled "Days" there will either be a number one or number two. Each day at Eisenhower will either be a day one or day two. Depending on which day it is, your classes may be different. If there is a number 1 and 2 next to each other, it means that you have that class on both days. For example, I have language arts every day, but I only have gym on day 1.

Your schedule will also tell you what room number you have each class in, your teacher, lunch pin, and locker combination.


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Using Your Locker

You will be able to go to your locker at certain times of the day- When you come to school, after your first non-core class, after you second non-core class, and at the end of the day.

On the first day of school you will have time to practice opening your locker. Don't worry if you don't get it the first time, you will eventually.

After the first day of school, you are also allowed to come back to decorate your locker if you want to!


A or B?

You will be either on team A or team B in Eisenhower. The only difference between the teams is that they have different teachers and go on different trips.

The teams are split up randomly using a computer. Don't worry if you are not on the same team as your friends because you will still see them in the hallway. You might even have the same lunch or study as them!

  • You can buy a chromebook bag on chromebook night to carry your chromebook and other school supplies. You can even customize your bag. If you don't want to buy a chrombook bag, a drawstring bag is good too.
  • Eisenhower has a lot of events like the Halloween social, winter social, the school play, and dip n dots parties.
  • On some half days, you can buy a snack from the snack cart so remember to bring money
  • If you don't get to lunch early enough, you might not have time to eat or they might run out of the food you want. Remember to get to the lunchroom quickly.
  • If you don't know where your classes are on the first day, don't stress. There are people in the hallway that will give you directions if you need help.
  • During study you will have the opportunity to do your homework!
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