By Eve

How is this animal classified?

A cottonmouth is a reptile.

What does this animal look like?

Cottonmouths can be 3-5 feet long. They can be black and green and brown, and can have stripes. It can have spots too.

Where does this animal live?

Cottonmouths live in the South Eastern United States. They like to be near swamps, rivers and lakes.

What does this animal eat?

They eat fish birds turtles frogs mice.

How does this animal find or catch it's food?

They can bite under water so they can eat fish.

How does it move?

They slide on there belly.
The Cottonmouth

What sound does this animal make?

Does this animal live alone or in groups?

They live alone.

How does this animal protect itself?


Did you Know?

cottonmouths have pipes on both sides of their heads.

My Illustration