New Mexico

By Addison

New Mexico’s Land!

Do you know about new New Mexico? New Mexico has 121, 598 square miles,rocky mountains. In New Mexico there is the colorado ralten. In new mexico there are great plains. In New Mexico there are a lot of mountains in New you know some stuff about new Mexico!

New Mexico’s population!!!

Do you know about new mexico’s population. In 1940 hispanics were in the majority. In New Mexico the largest hispanic population in the country! You should go to New Mexico sometime.

New Mexico’s History

Do you know about the U.S.A C.W loganin 1861. In 1862 with the help of union for colinoro the texis where difed at the battle of gloritea pass.

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This is New Mexico's state fish.

This is new mexico's state fish it is called cutthroat trout.
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New Mexico nashinal park

This is a photo of a nashinal park in New Mexico.