FFA Organization

County/ PISD Expo Validation

Saturday, July 13th, 7am

4717 Bailey Road

Pearland, TX

Lamb Goat and Swine Validation will be held this weekend. Please read to find species and location :

Lamb and Goats can only be validated at the Brazoria County Fairgrounds 7-10 am

Swine validation will be held at two different locations: the Pearland Ag Facility and the Brazoria County Fairgrounds from 6:30- 8:30 AM.

This Validation does not cost anything.


Monday, Aug. 5th, 5pm

4717 Bailey Road

Pearland, TX

Please be prepared to pay for fall entries including- Pearland Expo, Brazoria County Fair and State Fair. We will also be taking payment on FFA dues and FFA jackets.

Price sheet to come in a follow up email!


Please contact Ms Ricketts (until further notice)

LDE Teams

Please Click the Link to open the LDE Team info Including team description and team member list.

FFA Meeting

Monday, April 1st, 6pm



Tuesday, April 2nd, 2:45pm

AG Facility


Friday, April 5th, 2:30pm


See an ag teacher

$20.00 each


Thursday, April 11th, 6pm



Friday, April 5th, 2:30pm


Please see Ms Guerrero. Turkeys are $6.00 each and order must be placed as a chapter to Brazoria county fair- no individual orders are accepted.

FFA Facts

What is FFA?

Texas FFA has evolved from an organization focusing primarily on production agriculture, to a broader-based organization that addresses the needs and interests of students in urban and suburban schools in addition to the rural communities from which FFA rose in 1929. FFA gives students the opportunity to apply practical classroom knowledge to real world experiences through local, state and national competitions. Today Texas FFA is the nation’s largest state FFA association with a membership of more than 115,000 members. The Texas FFA continues to help the next generation rise up to meet challenges by helping its members to develop their own unique talents and explore their interests in a broad range of career pathways. We are still the Future Farmers of America. But, we are the Future Biologists, Future Chemists, Future Veterinarians, Future Engineers and Future Entrepreneurs of America, too.

  • The Pearland FFA currently has 225+ members

  • Pearland FFA opportunities for high school students:

    • Leadership Development Events (LDEs) – August to December

    • Career Development Events (CDEs) – January to May

    • Supervised Agriculture Experience Program (SAEP) – Animal project or Job

    • Speaking Contests – January – May

    • FFA Awards

    • Supervised Agriculture Experience Program (SAEP) – Animal project

    • PISD Ag Facility is for high school students only

  • Pearland FFA opportunities for non-high school students (must be 8 years old or in the 3rd grade)

How do I become a member?

FFA dues are $45 which covers membership fees at the national, state, area, district and chapter level. Once membership dues are paid, the student is eligible to participate in any FFA competition for that school year. Membership dues are due by October 1st to any Agriculture Science Teacher (AST).

Membership Requirements:

Students must read and abide by the Pearland FFA Chapter Constitution and Bylaws. Students must also be a “member in good standings” to participate in any Pearland FFA competitions/activities. Each FFA member must meet the following criteria:

· Member must be enrolled in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources courses during that school year

· Member must have paid dues in full

· Member must sell 10 items in the fall fundraiser (Fresh Country) or pay $50 buyout fee

Ag Teacher Communication Corner:


Kacie Marchant

Lacey Leigh


Haley Ricketts


Rhonda Morgan

Hunter Morgan

Amber Campise

Megan Guerrero


President - Hollie Berg

Vice President - Jayce Morgan

Secretary - Taylor Bossley

Treasurer - Jaden Cole

Reporter - Caitlin Gunnin

Sentinel - Kaylee Beyer

Advisor - Cami Joubert

District Candidate - Taylor Bossley

WLC - Jaden Cole, Cami Joubert, Kaylee Beyer


The Pearland FFA Election Procedures are modeled after the Texas FFA Association’s three-part model:

1. Candidates complete a multiple-choice exam.

2. Candidates complete an interview.

3. Seven candidates are selected through a popular vote (ballot).

The multiple-choice exam is generated from materials such as the FFA Manual and other agricultural science related information accessible to all candidates.

The interview process consists of up to three judges asking each candidate to answer questions pertaining to any aspect of the field of agriculture. Efforts are made to select a judging panel that includes, but is not limited to, the following: an agriculture teacher (not within the local district or District 6), a local campus or district administrator, a person who may or may not have in-depth knowledge of agriculture. (A lay judge is acceptable.) Judges are selected at the discretion of the FFA advisors. Selection of judges shall not be contested.

Officer candidates will present original speeches to the chapter’s voting members. After delivering their speeches, candidates may be asked a thought question to be answered extemporaneously. After all speeches have been given, a popular vote will occur by Pearland FFA voting members who are present at the time of the vote. Voting eligibility is determined by a fully paid status of FFA membership dues. Voting members will cast their ballots for officers based upon the candidate's speech, FFA involvement, and behavior. Efforts are made to provide a ballot box in which the ballots will be submitted. Ballots will be counted by a Pearland ISD employee(s) who is not employed as an agriculture science teacher.

A rubric will be utilized to combine officer candidate scores from the three-part model (multiple-choice exam, interview, and popular vote). The student with the highest combined score will receive the position of FFA President. The second highest combined score will receive the position of FFA Vice-President. The combined score and correlation of officer position will continue until all officers are determined (Remaining positions: Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Sentinel, and Student Advisor.)

Results of the Pearland FFA Officer Election will be announced after the election verification. Election results are final and shall not be protested by an FFA member, officer candidate, or parent / guardian. Interpretation of the FFA Officer Election process is determined by Pearland ISD campus administrators, FFA sponsors, and CTE Director. All efforts will be made to ensure equitable practices during the FFA officer election process.

Questions concerning the election procedures must be presented to the designated FFA advisors, who are responsible for the FFA officer team, no later than one day prior to the election date.

**NEW** PISD Student Attendance Policy

The district policy states that students who attend an FFA activity (livestock show or other event) without the company of an ag teacher is no longer considered to be a board approved activity. A note must be sent prior to or no later than 3 days after said absence to be excused. The note can state the student is showing livestock (or whatever event the student is participating in) and it will coded as excused absents.

This is only for students who attend without the teacher. When the teacher is present the day counts as a board approved absence.


PHS to THS- 204

DHS to THS- 284 (first bus in line- please be on time they will leave by 2:30)


Devin Sisk is the professional photographer hired for the Pearland Expo. Visit her site to purchase pictures. - thank you Devin and Team for such great work!

CDE Teams

Please click the link to open the CDE Teams info includes a team description.

Big picture

Leadership and Career Development Teams and Coach:

LDE-Leadership Development Event:

  • Quiz Team- Guerrero
  • Creed Speaking (Jr & Sr) - H. Morgan
  • Radio- R. Morgan
  • Ag Advocacy- Campise
  • Chapter Conducting (Jr & Sr)- Guerrero
  • Skills Demonstration (Jr & Sr)- Leigh
  • Ag Issues- Marchant
  • Job Interview- R. Morgan
  • Public Relations- Ricketts

Animal Species Leaders

Swine- Rhonda Morgan-

Swine- Hunter Morgan-

Lambs- Kacie Marchant-

Goats- Lacey Leigh-

Steers- Amber Campise-

Heifers- Haley Ricketts-

Poultry- Megan Guerrero

If you have any questions or are interested in raising an animal for the 2018 Expo / County Livestock Show please contact the above species leader for more help.

Heifer S'more Page

For more information about raising a heifer please click the link above!


For more information about raising a swine project please click the link above!

Pearland ISD FFA Letterman Jacket Criteria

To earn a letter jacket, a Pearland FFA member must complete one of the following requirements:

1. Advanced to the State FFA Leadership Development Event

2. Advanced to State FFA Career Development Event

3. Advanced to State FFA Degree Check

4. Advance to an auction at a major livestock show

5. Win Breed Champion at a major livestock show

6. Win division in science fair or public speaking

7. Place Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion or Showmanship at Pearland Expo or Brazoria County Fair

8. Banner at Area III Leadership Development Events, Career Development Events or receive individual recognition

Major Livestock Shows include:

1. Ft. Worth Livestock Show

2. San Antonio Livestock Exposition

3. San Angelo Livestock Show

4. Star of Texas Livestock Show

5. Houston Livestock Show

6. State Fair of Texas

7. National Shows

The entire cost of the letter jacket including the letter is the responsibility of the Pearland FFA member. The Pearland FFA Chapter will not pay for any part of the jacket or letter expenses.

CDE- Career Development Events and Coach:

CDE- Career Development Events:

If you are interested in participating in a CDE event please contact the coach responsible for that specific team.

  • Environment and Natural Resources- R. Morgan
  • Land- R. Morgan
  • Wildlife- H. Morgan
  • Range- H. Morgan
  • Horse- Marchant
  • Ag Sales- Campise
  • Vet Med- Campise
  • Poultry- Guerrero
  • Farm Business Management- Marchant
  • Floriculture- Leigh
  • Nursery Landscape- Guerrero