High School Audition Information

PMEA District 12

Registration Notes

Registration is now open on the www.pmea12.org website. Please visit soon to register your high school choral and instrumental students. Registration for auditions will close on Monday, November 7 at 5:00 p.m.

Payment: Please send your payment to our treasurer as noted on the audition page of the website. Please send the check immediately - do not wait for the day of the auditions as this slows the process! If you are paying by school check, please complete your registration as soon as possible to give your district time to process the check.

This year, you will see a Memorandum of Understanding on the director registration page. This Memorandum must be accepted in order for your registration to be complete. It was created to end any confusion over the fact that directors must be present for auditions and reauditions or their students will not participate. While the vast majority of directors are good with this, a few of us are inconsistent in fulfilling our responsibilities. We really don't want to see students sent home from festivals. I hope this explains where this is coming from and why.

If any of your students are participating in the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra dress rehearsal on the same day as auditions, they need to make you and the PYO directors aware as soon as possible. When you have confirmed, send me the names of your students and their instrument/voice. We will try to auditions them first that morning.

Please do not request to leave early from auditions. This is one day when we are all expected to serve our Association. Let's do our duty. Mike has a hard enough job without trying to accommodate everyone's schedules. Adjust yours now so auditions can go smoothly. Your dedication is appreciated.


Clarinet Errata:

Measure 220 should have a rallentando , with 222 aTempo
Measure 169 beat 5 of 6 should be a Bb not A
Measures 312-313 substitute a low F in place of the out of range C.

Alto Sax Errata:

Mvt 1 2 measures after #7 trill is B - C#
Mvt 1: 3 measures after #18 Trills are tied for the 3 measures.
Mvt 3 rehearsal #4 trills are tied for the 4 measures.

Mvt 3: 2 measures before #7, the 3 B Trills are to be tied to each other.

While not an error, there are editions which contain a large amount of tenor clef, while others have transposed to bass clef. Considering most students will write the note names in or transpose it for themselves anyway, students may use either edition to play from for their audition.

Choral Editions:
Please make sure you are using the editions listed on the 2016 repertoire sheet. The public domain edition of O Magnum Mysterium, for example, differs in meter, rhythm, pitch, and dynamics compared to the previously used edition. Our judges will be looking off of parts based on current editions, and will judge accordingly.