Stimulating Brain Devolpment

By Luke Vollenweider

Keep it simple and Natural

There are everyday experiences such as getting their diaper, combing the hair, and playing patty cake can help build paths between neurons when combined with cuddling, talking to, and sleeping with the baby. Remember, love improves brain development.

Match experiences to the child's mental abilities.

A big thing to remember is that babies need physical development, babies learn this way. You can't over complicate their experiences. For example, playing with a rattle is a good way to explore touch and sound, but trying to teach them how to juggle is too advanced for a baby

Practice makes perfect

The more repetition, the stronger the communications will become. If you can get into a routine with you little baby, the cute little child knows what to expect. An example of this would be to take it on a walk every morning at exactly 9:00 AM.

Actively involve the baby!!

Provide and participate in activities that gets the baby involved. Play games that involve them. Example: Play a game where you throw a stuffed animal and the baby has to crawl to get it.

Provide variety, but avoid SENSORY OVERLOAD

A lot of parents attempt to show their child a variety of experiences. And that's a good thing! Just don't do too much with the little baby. Don't take it to a rock concert, that would be too much for the little cutie. Expose them to 1 thing at a time.

Avoid Pushing The Child

Children learn a lot better if they're interested in the activity that they are doing. So encourage your baby into activities, but if they hate it, by all means, stop. If the child growls and yells every time you put a paintbrush into your hands, then stop making the child paint. Growing up in a negative environment and being sad is bad for the child.


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