Internet Safety

how to stay safe online!

How to stay safe on social networking sites-

To stay safe on sites such as facebook, twitter, bebo ect. you firstly need to make sure you have a secure password, this shold contain letters and numbers which mean something to you personally, you should try to make it as personal as possible so that no-one will guess your password and therefore will not be able to access your account. Also you should only be friends with and talk to people who you actually know.

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Secure Wireless-

If you have wireless, make sure you have a secure password on it, if someone comes near your house or near your wireless connection, they could easily hack into it if there is no password. Your computer could get a virus or the hacker could add a password so that you can no longer access your own wireless connection.
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Scare Ware-

Sometimes pop ups will come up on your computer, most of the time these are fake, they tell you things such as your computer has a virus and that you need to update your anti virus software. the first thing you do in this situation is check your anti virus sortware that you already have on your computer and see if it is working, if it isn't then you need to update it but not by clicking the link from a random pop up. If you do click on this link then you could get a virus on your computer.


Aswell as the wireless, you need to make sure your bluetooth has a secure password, or someone could easily hack your phone.

Internet Banking-

If you choose to use online banking then you should make sure you have a secure password and all your details are kept private. If you are ever asked randomly or indirectly about private details make sure you dont give any, if any company needs any extra details, which they shouldnt, they will send you a private email or even post you a letter asking privatly for your details.