MyTalent Updates - December/January

NCEES and Professional Learning Information



Professional Development Updates

Important information regarding some upcoming PD opportunities and notices:

  • NCEES Update
  • MyTalent Professional Learning introductory video
  • Announcement regarding the delay in being able to process outside CMS renewal credit requests in the new system. All current and future submissions will be held temporarily.
  • Instructions on requesting renewal credit for outside CMS professional development (conferences, workshops, college courses, etc.) in the MyTalent/Professional Learning system.
  • Upcoming differentiated instruction learning opportunities, including face-to-face and online.
  • National Board attachment
  • Face-to-face learning opportunities for Title I schools only
CMS Professional Learning Log-in Instructions

North Carolina Educator Effectiveness System (NCEES)

  • Mid Year PDPs are due by January 22, 2015. Click here for information about completing your Mid Year PDP.
  • Peer Observations must be completed by this week. For a review on how to complete a peer observation, click here.
  • Round 2 Observations are underway. In most cases, your department supervisor will complete Round 2. Be ready to discuss and show evidence of any professional learning, leadership activities, and interventions.


In order to be in compliance with BTSP Guidelines, all mentor/mentee logs must have at least 8 entries before you leave for Christmas Break. If you mentor a newly hired teacher, see Ms. Benson for requirements.
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Requesting Renewal CEUs for PD (outside CMS) in MyTalent/Professional Learning

  1. Log in to the MyTalent System (link is below) using one of the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome
  2. User Name: same as your email address before the @ sign
  3. Default Password: Cm$##### (#=last 5 digits of your SSN)

Once logged in:

  • Select the Professional Learning tab
  • Then scroll down to My Credit Requests and click on New Credit Requests. This will bring up a data entry field. The fields in red are required. The big change is that you no longer have to copy the certificate and send it in courier. Now, you just scan it and attach it to your request where is says Upload Certificate/Documentation. When done, just click on Send Request.

If you are submitting college courses:

  • Please list each course name that you are requesting renewal credit for followed by the college or university name (abbreviation is fine). Then enter the approximate start and completion date of each course, and then the hours and CEUs associated with that course. The state awards a 1.5 multiplier to college courses (not continuing education courses). Therefore, a regular course that shows 3 credit hours on your transcript would normally equate to 30 hours or 3 CEUs, but with the multiplier would be entered as 45 hours and 4.5 CEUs. Since you may not need all the hours, you are welcome to enter just a few courses, based on your licensure needs.
If you need a certification or degree added to your license, you will need to contact the Licensure Department at 980-343-1908. Selina Parks is our school's Licensure Manager.

Differentiated Instruction PD

Differentiated instruction professional development opportunities are offered face-to-face and online, as described below.

Face-to-Face Opportunities

INS Differentiation Academy (4 course offerings second semester that will be available soon for registration in My Talent)

DATES: Feb 17 & 24 (Secondary Title I only), Feb. 17-18 (Elementary Title 1 only), Feb. 25 & 26, and March 24 & 25

This introductory level two-day course will focus on the four core elements of differentiation: content, process, product, and learning environment. Participants will show evidence of their depth of understanding of the foundations of differentiated instruction by developing a differentiated lesson plan.

INS Support Session for Differentiation Academy (course 561) is a one-day support session offering ongoing support to educators who previously participated in the Differentiation Academy (face-to-face or online), or other similar professional development, and would like personalized assistance as they continue to implement differentiated instruction to meet their students’ needs. These support sessions are offered monthly from December through March.

INS Facilitator Training for Differentiated Instruction Online Modules (course 614) is offered for facilitators and administrators who would like assistance planning and implementing professional development for their school staff using the differentiated instruction online modules.

INS Facilitator Support for Differentiated Instruction Online Modules (course 575) is a one-day support session for facilitators and administrators who would like additional personalized assistance as they plan for implementation of differentiated instruction professional development using the online modules at their school. Participants in this course should have previously attended INS Facilitator Training for Differentiated Instruction Online Modules.

Registration for all face-to-face opportunities is available in the Professional Learning section of My Talent.

Online Opportunities

Four online modules are offered for educators who wish to explore introductory-level material related to the four elements of differentiated instruction: learning environment, content, product, and process. These modules may be used by individual educators on a self-paced basis. Each module is independent of the other modules. These modules are available for registration in the Professional Learning section of My Talent.

Course 413905 INS Self-Paced Differentiating Learning Environment (Online)

Course 413908 INS Self-Paced Differentiating Content (Online)

Course 414004 INS Self-Paced Differentiating Process and Product (Online)

Course 413980 INS Self-Paced Differentiating Tools of Depth and Complexity (Online)

Contact us at 980-343-5404 or with questions.

National Board Certification

If you have always wanted to apply for National Board Certification but wish it were more manageable with respect to time, now is your opportunity!

CMS offers candidate support sessions as well to support you in your certification process!

December 13 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon Study Group Meetings Spaugh PDC

January 10 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon Study Group meetings Spaugh PDC


See our wiki at:

Or contact us at:


See Ms. Benson for more information!

Title I Opportunities from the Organizational Development Department

LIT Secondary Balanced Literacy (Grades 6-12) -- Title I ONLY

Course #: 413824

Spring 2015 course dates: January 14-15, February 17-18 & March 10-11

This two-day, face-to-face course focuses on the four facets of balanced literacy in the secondary classroom--writing, independent reading, supported reading, and word study. Participants will take part in a simulated classroom experience and have multiple opportunities to collaborate with one another to process course content and design sound instruction aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the North Carolina Essential Standards.

ADL Influencer Training -- Title I ONLY

Course #: 868

Spring 2015 course dates: January 28-29 & February 25-26

Are you struggling to get individuals to work together to accomplish goals? Whether you lead a small or large team, Influencer Training provides the skills you need to change the behavior of others. The course is highly effective for those without formal authority as well as emerging leaders.

Influencer Training provides skills to:

  • Identify the high-leverage behaviors you should focus on
  • Diagnose the real causes behind behavior problems
  • Effectively motivate and enable others--regardless of formal authority
  • Create behavior-change strategies that yield rapid, lasting results

What to Expect During Training

Influencer Training uses a combination of live training, compelling videos, and a written toolkit. Participants will engage in extensive in-class practice, group discussions, and personal planning.

ADL Crucial Accountability Training -- Title I ONLY

Course #: 761

Spring 2015 course dates: February 11 & March 18

If you’ve already been through Crucial Conversations Training, the one-day companion course--Crucial Accountability--enables you to add additional skills to resolve your most challenging accountability issues. Crucial Accountability Training provides participants with the opportunity to learn additional skills that are ideal for conversations that seem resistant to dialogue skills alone. Crucial Conversations Training is a prerequisite for Crucial Accountability Training

SUPPORTIVE INTERACTION (4 course offerings)

DATES: Jan 29 & Feb 6 (Title I only), Feb. 24 & March 18, March 20 & April 15, April 15 and April 28 (Title I only)

Supportive Interaction is a two-day course designed for facilitators, coaches, administrators, mentors, or other educators working with adults in a supportive role. This course provides an overview of three stances (coaching, collaborating, and consulting), opportunities to practice new strategies and tools, and interaction in your professional context. GREAT PD FOR MENTORS, COACHES, FACILITATORS!!!


DATES: March, 19 & 24

Literacy Across Disciplines is a two-day course designed for secondary teachers who understand the critical need to promote literacy in their discipline and want to learn how to implement it. The literacy components are connected to the CCSS and Disciplinary Literacy and are supported through literacy strategies and 21st century skills.

CMS Professional e-Library

CMS provides you with access to a collection of 40 high quality professional eBooks! Just-in-time PD reading on your tablet or mobile device.

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