A young girl born to kill

A young Lady Killer

Young Katsa being born with two diffrent colored eyes was quickly whisked away to work for the king,not having figured out her grace yet she was of little use to the king until it was revealed on her 8th year.

The murder at Randa's court

When Katsa was at her 8th year of age a distant cousin was visisting but had taken a particular interest in Katsa,one day in the middle of the kings court he had tries to touch Katsa but the way she reacted was quite unexpected,she swung her arm and smashed her cousins face so hard that his nose was buried into his face and was pronounced dead,katsa's grace was killing.When the king heard the news of his nieces grace he reacted in a way nobody expected,he was not angry for what she did but used her skill for his own purposes.

God like Lady Killer

Like a god Lady Katsa can kill anything with the slightest effort and is quite familiar with battles,much like the goddess Athena.Katsa is skilled with almost if not anyway weapon she is given and can fight almost anything with ease,much like Athena.


I recommend this book to young adults who enjoy a very long but pleasurable read.