The great escape of Alcatraz.

By : Patzy Anchondo


Alcatraz, Alcatraz is a place where people go if they escaped other prisons from other places because their lives were like a life crime and they had a bad childhood because of their life of crime. Alcatraz is a place that you cant escape from because the place is protected by really hard metal but it wasn't hard for those 3 or 4 guys that escaped and died while doing it.

The Plan

The plan was to escape the prison by using spoons,blades, and a drill to make a hole in the wall but they will need time so planed when music class come they could finish the hole because the music is loud and they were assigned painting so they needed something to cover them because instead of painting they were going to be working on the hole and get dummy heads and hair and other things so they stole it from the Barbershop. So they made it like they were sleeping the next day but really they escaped the prison. But that is not all because they started doing this on May 1962.

The GREATEST Escape?

The GREATEST escape wasn't a really a great escape because one of them had to stay behind because he couldn't fit in the hole but even when he made it out the others were gone. when the 3 prisoner jumped or climbed off the bout they started to swim but when couldn't swim so he died by drowning but the other 2 they are brothers and they knew how to swim so that was very easy for them. the police stopped looking for them after 17 years because they were still missing so I think they called it the greatest escape because they were never found.