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A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

What will you create when you make the world awesome?



Apollo 13 (7/11) Movie CLIP - Square Peg in a Round Hole (1995) HD

My Challenge to You...

Take about a minute and a half to watch this video. This movie clip is a prime example of how life's real problems do not involve filling in a bubble on a scantron. Life's problems, more often than not, require us to stick a square peg in a round hole.

How are the problem solving skills of your students? Do you ever give them square pegs and ask them to put them into round holes? If so, how has it been going? If not, why not? Come by Thursday, lets talk about how it is going.

Remember that route knowledge alone will not help our students be successful in life. The ability to take that knowledge, apply it to a given situation and develop a solution will help our students achieve real world success.

Come by during your conference period or lunch on Thursday and lets talk Creativity!

Think. Achieve. Succeed.



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From The Principal's Office

Thank you all for helping make Open House a successful event on Tuesday. Many parents told me they appreciated being able to get the basics from the teachers and able to move on to the next activity.

The Oakwood PTO met this week and there were lots of great comments about how positive the school, teachers, and administrators have been this year. I have had several parents tell me their child is having a great start to their school year and they love coming to Oakwood. Thank you for your positive attitude and approach with the students.

Mrs. Ramirez, Mrs. Haferkamp, and I have noticed and really appreciate having all our teachers and staff members so visible in the hallways and on duty. I know that it does not seem like much, but the visibility sends the message to the students that we are here for their safety. Being on duty and out in the hallways makes a difference in the safety in our school; thank you.

Please do not forget to update your grades by Monday afternoon. Progress reports will be printed on Tuesday and placed in success class boxes for distribution on Wednesday. Also, remember to enter your PDAS Self Report Part 1 or your ATR Goals in Eduphoria. If you need help, click here....

I'm Looking Forward to Another Great Week!



An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. ~Edwin Land



Week at a Glance

Monday: GRADES DUE, 1st Day of Formal Observations Begin, ATR Goals & PDAS Self Report Part 1 Due in Eduphoria

Tuesday: Progress Reports Printed, Foundations Team Meeting, School Board Workshop & Meeting

Wednesday: Progress Reports Go Out, Education Foundation Grants Due

Thursday: TSTA Representatives Visit Oakwood, Creativity Conversations

Friday: Great end to the week!