VCR Lesson 7 Presentation

Jordan Schuler

Fill in the Blank Exercise

The __________________ student had perfect attendance lest year because he feared that if he missed a day, he would miss the opportunity to learn something new.


adj. Eagerly seeking to obtain things, wealth, or information.

Different parts of speech:

acquire, v.

acquisition, n.

acquisitiveness, n.


Quaero, Quaerere, Quaesivi, Quaesitum (L.) "to seek," "to search for"

ac = ad (L.) "to," "toward"

Synonyms and Antonyms


  • Greedy
  • Covetous
  • Avaricious


  • Selfless
  • Charitable
  • Content (Indirect antonym- if you are content with the amount you have of something, you do not desire more)


Originated in the mid-nineteenth century from French acquisitif and late Latin acquisitivus.


As seen in many of the synonyms, the word tends to have a negative connotation, however, on its own, it simply means to be eager to obtain something.

Exercises in the Book

Exercise 7A:

Identify the Synonym

An acquisitive coin collector a. curious b. querulous c. clever d. knowledgable e. grasping

Exercise 6B:


Exercise 6C:

Contestants on game shows must be intellectually acquisitive in order to summon answers to questions on a wide variety of subjects.

Exercise 6D:

(6) Information-collecting spies --> Acquisitive

Incorrect Usage Exercise

a. John worked all his life to acquire the knowledge of how to cure a rare disease.

b. Bob's acquisition of the large inheritance meant he did not have to work another day in his life.

c. People viewed her as a greedy person because of the acquisitiveness of her ways.

d. The acquisitive collector marveled at his completed collection.

Answer: D

An acquisitive person would not have a completed collection. He would wish to attain more to add to it.