The Important of recycle

by: Daniel Escobar Vargas

why is important to recycle?

for my recycle is very important because doing this we can preserve more environment and they resources, if we do this the world is going to be more cleansed and safest of pollution and toxic gases. is our responsibility to do this all the days to survive . so for my recycle is the way in which the humans keep the earth clean

what is recycling greatest economic benefits?

for my recycling is a greatest economic benefits because recycling take us good and no toxic things like alternative energy. the alternative energy is a excellent things because is renovable and natural energy energy for the world . and that help the economic of the country because we can created solar panels that create allot of energy

What are the environmental benefits of recycling?

for my the environmental benefits or recycling is that if we do this our garbage is going to be more organized and don´t do allot of pollution and this is important because doing this our gases are going to be more controlled and don´t affect the ozone layer. other benefits is that we can have a more clean energy


i have learn that is a city that have to make allot of changes and take decisions to improve their life and to improve their life´s . one thing that impact me is that in the school the teacher´s teach allot to the guys of how to recycle and take care of nature and i think that is good because the child are going to grow but they are not going to contaminated