Street Drugs Project

They're Bad! By: Noah Zahm


Harmful Effects: Speeds up Central Nervous System, causing increased wakefulness and leading to dehydration and heart rate increase, causing a heart attack. Ex. Cocaine
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Harmful Effects: Slows down Central Nervous System, causing confusion and impaired coordination, leading to more problems in everyday life. Ex. Alchohol
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Harmful Effects: Relieves pain, making lack of concentration and constipation, two things that are not favorable. Ex. Heroin
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Harmful Effects: Alters perception, mood, and thoughts. Can lead to visual and auditory hallucinations, making things in your head that aren't there. Ex. LSD
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Harmful Effects: Breathe in that alters mind. Has lightheadedness and dizziness, leading to swaying, uncoordinated effects. Ex. Markers
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