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Gabby Spende


  • Do not ask a stranger to be your friend
  • Accepting EVERY friend request, is NOT necessary
  • Be careful of what you post, posting uncomplimentary pictures of friends is not good, remember that school administrators may look at your page (so be cautious of what you post)


  • Inviting "friends" (people to talk to) outside their field of expertise, will most likely end in failure.
  • Asking for a recommendation from a company you don't know well will not work, it is a waste of time.
  • Make sure your profile is accurate and realistic, if it is not people with doubt your professionalism.


  • Learning Twitter slang, is recommendable
  • Do not make posts about your company, it will cause you to lose followers.
  • Repeatedly asking your information to get retweeted is annoying, so DON'T do it.

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