Home Design of the Future

CPT by Emma W (period 4)

Green environment (A1)

Since my home is in Malibu beach California, the weather being hot year round, I will include palm trees, California chocolate lilys, coral bells, alumroot, hairy alumroot,and maple leaf alumroot. All of these plants are reported ( on the link below) to grow the best in Malibu and are all very nice looking. http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/zipbyzip.php?zip=90264 . To create a "green" environment I will include many plants, birdfeeders. and a large backyard with grass.

Greenhouse Garden (a2)


In my home design, the owner would grow their food indoors in a greenhouse, without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, like the greenhouse farm in the link above. This way the owner can control the climate and grow crops year round, no matter the biome. I will also be avoiding pesticides and fertilizers because it is more eco-friendly and is better for your health (due to the toxic chemicals which could lead to cancer and other health problems).

Mode of Transportation (a3)

The mode of transportation i would use would be a electric car, this way i could travel long distances, but in an eco friendly way. Using a bike or walking is good for short distances, and is eco friendly, but for long distances and carrying things, the electric car would be the best fit. Although the production of the car is not very sustainable, in the long run, the electric car is ultimately better for the environment. The power used to charge the battery would be from hydroelectric sources only, for this is the best eco-friendly way to charge the car.

Waste Management Systems (a4)

In my home, the waste management system would mainly consist of recycling and compost, the compost would go straight to the greenhouse for the most eco friendly system. Garbage, hopefully being a limited amount would be taken to a nearby

garbage disposal. The waste water, which is unavoidable would be cleaned in an eco-friendly way as shown in the video below, my house is in California, where the weather will not be to cold for this system

Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment System

Endangered Animal sponsor (a5)

The endangered animal my family would sponsor would be the Tasmanian Devil from the Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria B.C. My family is a big fan of looney tunes, and would love to adopt this animal and potentially save one. http://www.zoo.org.au/get-involved/adopt
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Three Toxic Chemicals (B1)

Ethanol or Alcohol, found in rubbing alcohol, mouth wash, perfume, drinks, etc. can be very toxic to pets such as cats or dogs. If a cat or dog even has a little bit of alcohol, whether it from licking it from the floor or given to it, they could potentially die because their systems cant handle it. Also young children and babies would get sick if consuming alcohol because their systems cant handle it.

Calcium Hypochlorite, found in pool cleaning and bleaching agents could be very toxic to pets, kids and adults if not stored properly. calcium hypochlorite should be kept in a cool dry place, because it could self heat or could decompose, which would also release toxic chlorine gas.

Ethylene Glycol, in antifreeze could be very toxic to humans or pets if swallowed, which would result in severe heart damage, brain damage, kidney damage and could cause dizziness.

Identifying the elements in Ethanol (B2)

Ethanol: C2H6O

I chose oxygen as my element to show in the Bohr-Rutherford diagram. Oxygen has 8 protons, the ELP: 8-2= 6 ( which 8 cannot be subtracted from therefore there are 6 on the outer circle) I drew one as well but had difficulty adding it onto the website.

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Oxygen classification (B3 & B4)

Oxygen is in Group 16 and is classified as a Halogen

Source of Electrical Energy (C1)

In my home design, for the most sustainable energy source that will supply enough power night and day, all year round I will use a mixture of solar panels on the homes roof, and small windmills to still gain electrical energy at night. Using solar panels are a very common source of renewable, sustainable energy. although not usually very nice looking, in my home design they will be placed in a stylish fashion. the mini wind turbines will be placed around the outside of the house, since my home is in Malibu beach California, near beaches, the wind http://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=malibu+beach is fairly good about 5-20 km/h usually, year round.

For future generations my Electrical energy source is sustainable because it is renewable and lasts for a long time.

Physical Structures (C2)

To make my home energy efficient i will include Ultra-efficient home designing methods for state of the art energy efficient housing, making the home more energy efficient, more explainations about Ultra-efficient home desinging methods on this website > http://energy.gov/energysaver/articles/ultra-efficient-home-design

Household appliances (C3)

For the most sustainable outcome, the appliances that will be included in my home will all follow the EnergyStar program. All appliances for example refrigerators and freezers will be flown in from Canada on an electric powered plane, from The Canadian Appliance Store which if selected the " Energy Star Efficient? yes or no" box will show all of the appliances that follow it. Also all appliances will be a stainless steel colour.

LIght Bulbs (C4)

In my home the light bulbs that will be used are energy efficient light bulbs that are called compact fluorescent (as seen in the picture) lighting (by energy star) found at most hardware stores for the most sustainable and eco friendly lighting. these light bulbs provide the most light for the least wattage and don't burn out as easy (longer lasting light bulbs save waste)

Everyday NASA technology (D1)

The one thing that NASA has discovered that would be found in my house is athletic running shoes, NASA's space boot technology is used to develop the running shoes. Another thing NASA has discovered is A smoke detector. when NASA created the Skylab, they partnered with Honeywell to create it. Now they are found in all homes and have saved lives. One more thing is a water filter. Created for the space men and women's to clean the water that they take up into space., now it is used in most households as a way to have fresher tasting water http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/curiosity/topics/6-shoe-insoles/
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