Scientific job

Forensic science

Branch of science

Forensic science in a physical science because you have to examine tissue and matter from humans.

Education path I'd have to take

One degree that I'd need is in pathology. In pathology and experimental pathology you leave tissue injury and disease. You learn how cells influence death and disease. To take this major in college courses that'd be helpful are autonomy, calculus, and physiology. To complete this program in college Id take advanced courses of math, science, English, and social studies.

Training school and college

The school I chose is university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The reason I chose this school for the career I want is because I've always wanted to go to North Carolina. The school is located in North Carolina and its a public school and clearly a university. This school is a 4 yeAr college and has a student to facility ratio at 14:1. It doesn't say weather it in rural or urban neighborhoods and it doesn't say class sizes either.


You need sat and act to be accepted to this school. It doesn't say what the scores have to be or what GPA you need

About the job

Pathiologests are medical doctors that study causes and development of diseases. The use labratory equipment to analyze human tissue and fluids. There are 2 main branches, clinical pathologist and surgical pathologist. Clinical pathologists focus on labratory medicine. Some of these pathologists do autopsies on des bodies to determine cause of death. Surgical pathologists study human tissue taken form patients taken during operation.

What factors affect employment for this job

It will be easy to find a job in Wisconsin and national. It is a common job in Wisconsin.

The salary

In Wisconsin the yearly salary would be 166,400. And national the salary is 115,910.


One place I can get a job at wild rose community hospital. Debby Birwin is the employer.


I could defiantly see myself doing this job. This job is actually my dream job. The pros are that I'd get a lot of money, and I'd be doing I job I like. The cons are that I'd be away from home a ton.