Pennsylvania Abolition Society

Helping free blacks since 1775

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The PAS was the first American abolition society. It was founded April 14, 1775 by Anthony Benezet and held 4 meetings. Most of the people that came to the initial meetings were Quakers. The Society was reorganized in 1784 and was incorporated in 1789. At some point during 1785 Ben Franklin was elected president of the society. The society wanted Ben Franklin to bring the matter of slavery to the government. In 1790 he petitioned the US Congress to ban slavery.


The mission of PAS on education was to be able to educate a free black on how to read and write among other things. This was to give the black an important life skill in which they would be respected for and could make money off of. Since they knew how to read this gave the promise of better employment and higher chance of getting out of poverty.


PAS would help a free black get a job. It would act as an agency, receive job offers, and then give the black who is most fit for the job the job. Most of the blacks that got jobs from the agency became domestic workers and farmers.


PAS made quite the impact. It helped many free blacks that came from slavery the ability to get back on their feet and lead a long successful life. It educated, housed, and gave free blacks jobs.

Take Action

If you are interested in joining the PAS then you can go to and click "Contact the society".


The PAS will be having a meeting in (Philadelphia Foundation headquarters, 1234 Market Street) at 3:00 to discuss the societies next actions.