Invasive species affecting animals.

How might the population of invasive species affect animals

I will be showing you guys some of my information that I found

All these invasive species are invading living things habitats also these animals are dying because of their habitats being invaded when living things are dying the invasive species population just gets larger and larger. And it's not just the land animals the Great Lakes are also affected by invasive species. Invasive species don't just harm certain living things they harm many different animals also in the Great Lakes the fish are dying from the invasive species eating all the food. These invasive species are a big problem to animals on land and in the water all over Canada. So now that you have heard my information it's time to get to my big question answer!

Answer To My Inquiry Question

My Big Question Answer

After all the research that I have done I finally got the answer to my inquiry question. The population of invasive species affects the living things because once a animal is killed by an invasive specie the population just goes down for living things and the invasive species population grows larger so it's making it harder for the living things to survive because there population is decreasing. And their you have it this is the answer to my inquiry question! Thank you for listening to my presentation.