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November 2020

Howdy Parents!

Exciting times here at Centennial! We have begun to talk about our annual GT project. Your student has chosen their topic and will conduct research over the next few months in order to complete the required project. They will showcase all of their hard work during the online GT Expo in the spring...more details to come.

This season is a time to express gratitude. I would like to thank you for sharing your kiddo with me. I am so lucky to teach such a special group of kiddos. Thank you for your patience and support during this challenging time. Thank you for your support of the animal shelter donation drive. I am grateful for you and your Brainy Bulldog.

Enjoy fall break!

Take Care,


GT Projects

This year our GT Expo will be virtual and hosted by Renzulli Learning. Your student will complete their research and create a final project. Check out the website below to see examples from Houston ISD's Spring GT Expo. I can't wait to see what our Bulldogs come up with!
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Humble ISD GT is using Think Law, Thinking Like a Lawyer, to teach critical thinking . This framework helps students adopt the skills, habits, and mindsets of lawyers as they tackle 21st-century problems. What can you do at home to support critical thinking development? Check out these suggestions from the creator of Think Law, Colin Seale:

You can encourage critical thinking skills and dispositions at home through basic involvement in household tasks. There are four guiding principles called ECHO strategies to help your student through this:

ECHO Strategies:

Encouraging productive struggle,

Combating learned helplessness,

Helping without being too helpful, and

Objecting for no reason

  • Limit being a lifesaver-Don't bail them out all the time. Allow your student to try first and then offer support. Ex.-"Tell student: Don't understand a math problem? Take your best stab at it, show your work, and then I will look at it. But you must start it on your own. Left your homework at school? Figure out a plan to ensure you can have it turned in by tomorrow morning."
  • Seeking specificity-This helps when a kiddo is stuck on how to solve a problem. Ask your student to clearly explain the problem they are trying to solve-the more specific the better. "Developing this level of clarity equips children with a strong foundation for "learning how to learn" in the school context, a fundamental component of a child's critical thinking toolset."
  • Help without being too helpful-"Helping without being too helpful is a practical way to maximize the opportunities for children to work independently. If children can do a task themselves, have them do it. If your student can do a task with instruction, you can ask a sibling or a friend for help instead. Even if you end up having to complete the task because your student cannot help, having your student watch encourages at least some level of involvement. "
  • Objecting for no reason-objecting to ideas is a good way to push children to think beyond the surface. By doing this, you ensure that children develop a healthier sense of skepticism, the ability to analyze different perspectives, and repeated practice in thinking on their toes as they learn to justify their positions.
Child: 4 plus 3 is 7.

Parent: That's not true. 4 plus 3 is 43.

Child: No, it's not.

Parent: Yes, it is, because when you take 4 and add a 3 to it, you get 43.

Child: No, that's not how you add! You are supposed to start with 4, count off three numbers 5-, 6, 7-and you end up on 7, so the answer is 7.

Parent: Oh, right, right, right...thanks for the reminder.

* After a Disney movie, ask who the bad guy in the movie is & disagree with him/her.

The conversation will be amazing!

Ask your kiddo why in the world they put milk in the back of the supermarket when everyone comes to the supermarket for milk? I asked my son, and let's just say he didn't even want to take the time to think about it until I really pressed him to give me an answer. Ask you kiddo too, and encourage critical thinking!

Good Stuff

NAGC Toys & Games for Gifted Kids

The holidays are just around the corner! Thanks Mr. Terry, GT parent, for that realization ;)

Check out this gift guide curated by the National Association of Gifted Children. I hope you find it helpful this holiday season.

GT Schedule

Face to Face Schedule

2nd Grade-Tuesday 2:00

3rd Grade-Wednesday 8:45

1st Grade-Wednesday 2:00

4th & 5th Grade-Friday 9:30

Virtual Schedule

Due to students changing their learning location to face to face, changes have been made to the schedule. Thank you for your understanding.

2nd & 3rd Grade-Friday 10:45

4th & 5th Grade-Friday-1:30

Centennial Elementary Student Expectations

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