By: Sam Strubberg

How it Crashed

Some people say that the Hindenburg had crashed because it ran into something or it picked up electricity because it flew through a thunder storm or they planted a bomb in it to sabotage someone. People still haven't found the answer yet a lot of people think it was because of the gas that they used to make it fly. The gas was supposed to be helium although they couldn't get it so they decided to use hydrogen. When the Hindenburg flew threw the thunderstorm, it picked up electricity which caused it to explode.

What it was Like on the Hindenburg

The Hindenburg was a lot like the Titanic, it had private rooms, a food place, and so much more. The Hindenburg was about 2 football fields long and it was 4 times the size of a regular blimp.


Today people have improved air travel. Now we have airplanes instead of blimps. Airplanes have engines and they can go from one country to another in just a matter of days. When the Hindenburg crashed it gave people an idea of what they should and should not do when they fly aircraft's.