GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of August 27, 2018

Dear Staff,

Whew! Who else was super tired this weekend? You put in so much hard work this past week between assessments, wrangling Kindergartners, and preparing for an amazing Curriculum Night. Thank you for being so awesome!

Watching our team work this week reminded me of all the beginning of the year moments where I felt so overwhelmed when I was in the classroom that I thought for sure I wasn't going to make deadlines. The stress I was putting on myself was so unhealthy because at the end of the always got done. Even today, the stress of this past week and all the uncertainties resulted in me spending the weekend on the couch with a serious cold. The beginning of the year is such a special time, we get to meet new students, watch kids come out of their shell and begin to learn just how special they are. So...take a deep breath and know that you are doing the best you can, you will get it done...and you are AMAZING! If you need help, please reach out to me. I know we can support one another as we work to learn as much as we can about all of our students.

This week we will continue Data Team meetings, please remember to bring your Chromebook with you. In this update you will also find PAC notes, Draft Data Team Agenda, and much more!

Let's make it a great week!


I think we all need a pep talk...

News to Share

1. Here is the link to the 2018 Fall Data Collection Document that our Intervention Team shared through email last week. As a reminder, please record all of your assessment data in this doc before your scheduled data team meeting. List students in alphabetical order last name, first name. For BAS assessments, you will now need to record the Accuracy Rate, Comprehension Score (4/7 for example), and Number of Self-Corrections (all of these are found within the BAS score sheet). As a reminder here is the schedule for Data Teams:

Kinder - August 30 (8-12)

1st - August 29 (8-12)

2nd - August 28 (8-12)

3rd - August 27 (8-12)

For more information on what exactly needs collected use the data collection document or see the email sent by Ginna on August 14th. You can also find a DRAFT agenda for Data Team meetings by clicking here.

2. PAC met this past Tuesday, click here to read through the notes from this meeting. We will meet again on Tuesday, Sept. 18th. See you PAC member if you have questions or concerns.

3. At our opening staff meeting, we had two sign-ups going. One for committee work and one for evening attendance to events. Click here to see the committee sign up. If you signed up to be on a committee (this was not required) you will be helping to plan, create materials and assist the lead committee member. Click here to see the evening event sign up sheet. You are required to attend three evening events, if you attend an evening event, you may be asked to help jump in and support the event but may also be able to attend and just chaperone as GRE staff. There was some confusion over these two sign ups so make sure to check that you signed up for what you wanted to participate in. Again, committees are not required but evening events must total three.

4. If you administer a STAR reading or math assessment that you feel is not an accurate representation of a student, please email Kate. Based on the following criteria, she will determine if a retest is appropriate.

  • a student may retest when:

    • Student score drops 100+ points

    • Time taking test is less than 7 minutes (Testing time should be appropriate to grade-level)

    • Technology issues

    • Large discrepancy between BAS and STAR (Team decision)

5. At PAC we reviewed a draft of a year long GRE calendar. You can find this DRAFT Calendar here. This calendar should not be sent home since it will be modified and changed over the course of the year. This is a good resource for you to keep on file and know what is coming up in the future. These events will be added to the GRE Staff 18-19 Google Calendar. That will be where you can find the most up to date information on events. This calendar was shared by Ginna. If you don't see it, please reach out to Ginna or Kate.

6. Benchmark Assessment letters should go home in backpacks on August 31st (this Friday). Ginna will be copying the most up to date version of this letter and distribute them at Data Teams this week.

7. Finally, we had our first major playground injury this week. It was definitely not due to lack of supervision but it was a great reminder that we need to be super vigilant while on the playground. Be sure to spread out in order to supervise all areas of the playground. Talk to students, help monitor games or slides and enjoy this time in the fresh air with your kiddos. If you share supervision of classes, please plan to have all teachers on duty except for one. While our grade level recesses have really helped with the amount of kids on the playground, we must remember that safety comes first and it takes many eyes to make sure kids are making great choices on our playground.

Important Dates

Monday, Aug. 27- A Day; 8:00-12:00 3rd Grade Data Team Meeting

Tuesday, Aug. 28- B Day; 8:00-12:00 2nd Grade Data Team Meeting

Wednesday, Aug. 29-C Day; 8:00-12:00 1st Grade Data Team Meeting

Thursday, Aug. 30-D Day; 8:00-12:00 Kindergarten Grade Data Team Meeting

Friday, Aug. 31-A Day; 8:00-12:00 SLC Data Team Meeting; Assessment Letters Go Home

*Happy Birthday today to Trisha Hilton!

A Staff Update from our PTO

Big picture

Supporting Our Students: GRE Lunch Room Expectations

This is a repeat from last week but I really want to make sure that every classroom goes over these expectations and practices in the lunch room. We saw a huge shift in lunch room behavior and we want to keep that momentum going!

Students Will:

1. Walk in and out of the cafeteria

2. Use a level 1 or 2 voice

3. Be silent when an adult is speaking

4. Keep their hands on their own food

5. Stay in their seat

6. Raise their hand if they need something or have a question

7. Line up at their designated spots (*New* We will have something on the floor indication two line up spots per class. Please practice having students line up either in one line for boys, one line for girls, or numbers 1-10 in one line, and 11-? in the other)

8. Clean up after themselves

Adults Will:

1. Have a classroom job of Cafe Captain. This student will meet by the stage when we start cleaning up and stay to help us get set for the next group. This may include picking up trash under tables, helping wipe down tables (expect the peanut free table), looking for left over lunch boxes, sweeping up food trash, etc.)

2. Move around the tables, talking to students, helping all students engage in lunch conversation. Many students need ideas for what to talk about at lunch that could include all students in the conversation.

3. Help Hoss and students with cleaning up between lunches.

4. Use the microphone to ensure all students can hear announcements.

5. Distribute Keys to Success for awesome cafeteria behavior.

6. Monitor classes and select one each week for the Golden Spatula Award, to be awarded on Friday Morning announcements. This will earn their class a small prize for the week.