Tech & Media Mashup

Edition 3

I am resuming the Tech/Media newsletter I started last year. I will continue to send it out at least twice a month with news/updates/ideas from myself and Mrs. Sloop. This first one is a little lengthy due to all of the BOY details, but please take time to read it all. :)

Teacher Webpages

You will log into your teacher webpages differently from last year due to the fact that we are no longer using Gaggle for email purposes. We are only using Gaggle as a host for our webpages. Your new login scheme is:

Note: Once you get logged in, you will be prompted to enter an alternate email address for password retrieval. I would just use your regular RSS email address. Make sure you check the box next to "Don't display this again" so you won't have to see that screen every time. Then click "Save".

Once you get to the website, click "Log in" at the top. DO NOT START EDITING YET!! First, go to the Faculty/Staff link and click on your name. Once it brings up your page, then you can click edit. If you don't do it this way, your information will not be saved. You will edit your page just as you did last year.

If you are new to the district OR if you need a refresher, I am going to offer a website setup/work session after school on Wednesday, September 2 from 3:30-4:00.


There have been issues with Schoology logins since we came back to school. Many of the issues were due to problems with Powerschool. I am going to meet with each person who gave me their name last week because they were unable to log in to Schoology at the time. I know that since then, some of you have been able to get in. If you were able to get in THEN, but can't NOW, please email me. I want to try to get these issues cleared up as soon as possible.


Powerschool was down at the end of last week. I received an email from Candace Salmon-Hosey stating that it is back up. If you continue having issues, try using the Chrome browser. Once you open Chrome, go to File>New Incognito Window. This provides secure browsing and may make your issues go away.

3-5 Grade Teachers

You will set up your Gradebook in Powerteacher like you always have, except you will access Powerteacher via the IAM link on the RSS website. As a reminder, do NOT bookmark the IAM site and you should close your browser completely after you log out.

I will send the Gradebook setup directions by email in case anyone needs a reminder.

I will also need to meet with grade levels after your Powerschool gradebook has been set up to show you how to send grades from Schoology to Powerschool.

K-2 iPad Carts

At this time, the K-2 iPad carts are not ready. I have a technology facilitator meeting this week where I will get more details on the process for setting these up for classroom use. I appreciate your patience because I know many of you are itching to use them!

3-5 iPads

Third Grade:

I plan to send iPads home with your students on Monday (as long as they have turned in payment and RUP form) . It will probably be closer to the end of the day before we have the kids come get them. I'll let you know when to bring your class to the media center for pick up.

The iPads will not be set up when we give them out tomorrow. The students will need to take them home and charge them as they have been sitting all summer. Please stress that they should NOT do anything to the iPads tomorrow night except charge them. When they bring them back on Tuesday, we will walk them through enrolling the iPads and setting them up. I will come to your classrooms and do this with you.

Fourth/Fifth Grades:

There are issues with Self Service across the district. Students may tell you they cannot get apps or they may have other problems with Self Service. You will also see that some students have FaceTime, iMessage, and AirDrop. The technology department is aware of the issues and they are working to resolve them. For now, any web browsing should work (i.e.- Discovery Ed) but I would not count on creating assignments with specific apps. I am told that Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and iMovie are coming soon.

For now, if you have individual problems with student iPads, please hold off from sending them to me. I need to focus on getting third grade iPads ready during the first couple days of this week.


We are still using Schooldude to process technology requests. If you have a problem or request, please use this system to let me know what is going on. Here is the link in case you have misplaced it.

The submittal password is RSSS.

I will resend the Schooldude directions by email for those of you who may need a reminder and for our new folks.

From Mrs. Sloop...

"Books of 3"

We will continue the "Books of 3" checkout program this year with 2nd-5th grades. Students are encouraged to check out 3 books: a dream book that may be a little beyond their level and meant to be read to them by someone else, a just right book that is perfect for their level, and a vacation (easy) book that is something they may want to check out purely for interest or maybe to read to a younger sibling. The policy went over well last year with students and really helped to encourage a love for reading. If first grade teachers want to try two books, please let me know and I can adjust the settings.

FYI- Shelving Rearrangements

The Junie B. Jones and Magic Treehouse books have been moved and are on the low shelf next to the workroom where the laminator is located. Also, the EBOB books are now located on the top shelf of the middle fiction section. The low level 0-1.5 books have been separated into non-fiction and picture books and are on the far end where the yellow and white cubes stay. There is signage and labels to help identify them. I hope these changes will be helpful for students and teachers alike.

Check Out

As students begin to checkout, please encourage them to pay attention to where they place the books on the check-in carts. The more organized they are at check-in, the quicker they get back on the shelves. Also please help students to remember to listen for the "good beep" and "bad beep" as they are doing self check-in and check-out. This helps us solve problems that involve their account and just makes self-checkout run smoothly.

We will let you know as soon as the system is ready for checkout!