Kindergarten Curriculum 2017

September 1, 2017

Standards Based Report Cards - SBRC

Kindergarten students receive progress reports the 6th week of each grading period. Report cards are accessible online in your child's Skyward account at the end of each 9 week grading period. Please look over the report card information provided in this newsletter.
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Standards-Based Report Cards

This GCISD link provides additional information about standards-based report cards. You will obtain access to the Parent Guide and the Kindergarten Standards for 2017-18 school year.

Kindergarten Curriculum


Humanities is a combination of Social Studies and Language Arts. Although we directly teach reading and writing, we also use the units from Social Studies to guide our learning. Reading and writing are taught all day every day in every subject in the Kindergarten classroom. It includes everything from how to hold a pencil to leaving spaces between words and from reading for stamina to creating your own character voices when you read a book to a friend. You can help your child be successful in Kindergarten by reading frequently together and discussing the books, finding fun ways to practice identifying and producing the sounds of the alphabet, letting your child regularly cut strips and bits of paper to develop fine motor control, and having your kids see you reading whenever possible. Right now, our students are only beginning to realize how good of a reader and writer they have already become. Environmental print like the McDonald's sign you can't drive past anymore without your child asking for a happy meal or the Toys R Us sign that your child reads and immediately begins begging for more toys because they don't have anything at home to play with are great examples of beginning reading. Next time you're trying to sneak past the donut place on the corner and your child yells out, "Dunkin' Donuts! Can we got some, pleeeeaaaasssseee???" you can tell them, "Wow! You read that sign!! Can you read the next one??" and keep on drivin'. If you want to challenge them, you can ask them, "What letter do both Dunkin' and Donuts start with? Can you find another sign that has that letter in it?" Over the course of the school year, we will send you notes in the newsletter about the specific curriculum as we teach it. Help your child retain the natural excitement they feel as they begin to recognize words in books or meet a tough writing goal and celebrate their achievements with them. Studies prove that kids who enjoy reading for pleasure and read or are read to on a regular basis are stronger learners and better prepared for college. Start early!

Bransford Helpful Hints

A kindergarten overview has been placed in your child's take-home folder. Please let your child's teacher know if you have any questions.

Kindergarten Schedule

Use this link to view kindergarten's daily schedule. It includes our lunch time and our library days and times.

Behavior Calendar

A behavior calendar will be placed in your child's folder beginning the week of September 5th. This calendar is intended to keep you informed of the choices your child makes at school each day. You may find a sticker, a stamp, a smiley face or a happy note such as Great Day. Sometimes you may find a helping note that may say something like: Needed frequent redirection, Reminders about keeping hands to self, Practicing the use of an inside voice, or Please visit with your child about the note in the folder, sign and return it. Should you have any questions about the behavior calendar, please contact your child's teacher. Please sign or initial the behavior calendar daily.

Bransford Kindergarten Teachers

Ms. Allenbaugh

Mrs. Hendry

Mrs. Romo

Mrs. Ryan