My perfect world

What is the perfect world?

Ideal world - a place where people really want to live!

Life in my world

In my world...

... all the people are happy and healthy! In disputes people are going to compromise, so in the world do not have wars. Many people love to travel. They want to learn a lot about the world in which they live. Indeed, in my world, the whole earth is different. Each city has its own color, which is essential in this city. And also the city has its own special attractions and certain activities, which is not present in any city. And the most beautiful place in the world, it is center of the Earth, collected all the colors of the world. And law allow you to live and be in any city in which wish.And in my world, all people are very fond of animals and nature. So there are many different and fantastic plants and animals.

And also...

... all homes will have unusual shapes: square, oval, triangular and the most fantastic. This will help avoid traffic jams, accidents, overpopulation and environmental problems.

My world is convenient to all

It has both a village and city. In my world, is taken into account the fact that all people are unique. There are people who love life in the village, but they can not live there because of the fear of insects, taste homemade food, lack of Internet, lack of civilization,lack of entertainment, problems with housekeeping. But in my world there are many villages, and they are all different in their comfortable and fun, so all the disadvantages disappear.Therefore, any person can be not afraid of the minuses, and find a village which is only good to him. For example, if a person is afraid of insects but the likes homemade food and rest and fresh air,he search the village in which such conditions.In my world of the future, people who choose to live in the city, will not know what the traffic jams, bad air, dirty water. All these problems will be solved in an instant, and as in the village, in the city will not be drawbacks.

Some examples of how the world will look


In my world the future, the people happy. They can live where they really like, where they feel comfortable. And they do not have the problems associated with housing and work. A person can live as in the city and in the countryside, because neither in the city nor in the village do not have weaknesses.

Andrichenko Christina