The Real Deal Scavenger Hunt

College Orientation for real


Part of the college experience involves an orientation to both the rigor of college academics as well as the process of being a college student. There are many skills to learn both inside and outside the classroom. This activity will help with some of the areas outside of the classroom.

For this activity, each team of students will locate various offices, personnel, and college services they may need during their time at Midlands Technical College. While each student may not need every service, it is important to know the services available, what they do, and where they are. The overall idea is we are a community on this campus. The more we know about each other and the more we interact with each other the more we may be able to help one another.

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Teams will be given a list of services, offices, personnel, etc. to seek out during the allotted time for this activity. Once they have found an item from the list, they should document its location by taking a picture. The picture should also have the “It’s the Real Deal” logo somewhere in the picture. It would also be nice to have a staff member in the picture. The picture could be a standard shot or something like a selfie. The idea is to locate and interact with the service and the people working there. However, the staff can be very busy, so be respectful of their time and their job. Please explain what you are doing before taking a picture and make sure he or she is okay with it. Hopefully, they will appreciate the positive interaction with a student.

When time is up, each team will return to class with their checklist and other related items. We will spend a little while talking about our experience. Then, each team will have until the following class to submit/share their photos using the Padlet wall I have set up for this project. In addition, each member of each team should type a one page summary of the experience that reflects on the value of knowing the resources available to each MTC student and which ones maybe of strategic value in the future.

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List of Real Deal locations or personnel

  • Cashier/Student Financial Services
  • Registrar/Records
  • Academic Success Center/Tutoring
  • Bookstore
  • Student Center
  • Student ID Office
  • Student Computer Lab (Not the library)
  • Library
  • Main parking lot
  • Academic Advising
  • Testing Center
  • Student Support Services/TRIO
  • Campus Police office
  • Counseling and Career Services
  • VA Coordinator Office- Beltline
  • Student Employment Services
  • Student Life Office
  • Main Help Desk