Room 104 News. Issue 5

December 23rd 2015

On Tuesday we had a special visitor to our classroom

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Hoiday Concert

Thanks to everyone that came out to see the Holiday concert. We hope you all had a lovely time. The children all looked so lovely and festive and did a great job.

In case you missed it there is a short video clip at the link below, sorry the quality is not great but it still shows how cute they all are.

Week in review

There was a mistake in the last email. The Character Education Assembly was for the trait of EMPATHY not KINDNESS AND CARING.

Congratulations go out to Darren and Sumayyah who were the recipients of this month's award.

This week we continued to work on The Little Engine that Could and to work hard to accomplish their goals. This will continue into the New Year and the students can practise over the holidays too. Remind them they will get to put their names on the train carriages whenever they complete a goal. We also read and watched The Polar Express story, we made it into a special celebration and had hot chocolate and candy canes just like the children in the story.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday and we will see you all in January.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and if you don't, I wish you a happy winter break. Happy New Year to all.

January Show and Tell

For the month of January we are going to become detectives. On your child's special day they should choose something that can fit inside our Mystery Bag (a large brown paper bag). Think of some clues about the object and complete the form that we will send home. Then they will read the clues to the class and we will have 3 chances to guess what is in the bag.

Here are the special helpers for the first week of January

Monday: Gzifa

Tuesday: Emma

Wednesday: Abdi

Thursday: Charles

Friday: Rochay

Spare Clothing

The weather has turned colder and winter is here. This is a good time to review the emergency clothes that are at school. Do they still fit and are they suitable for the season? Please make sure your child's spare clothes are in a sealed bag that is clearly labelled, large ziplocks bags work well.


  • Poetry Folders come home every Friday, please have fun reading the poems/songs together. Make sure the folders come back to school in the mailbag on Monday so we can add the new page.
  • Please label all clothing and lunch containers, so we can make sure they get back to the right person.

Computer Corner

BrainPopjr is very popular with the students in Room 104. They love to watch Annie and her funny robot friend Moby talk about many different subjects. As well as the short movies the site also has follow up games, jokes and activities. There are a few free titles but you need to login to get the full site.

The Login information for our school is:

Username: Joyce1


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