Team 8 East Language Arts News

Kids Write Memoirs, Read The Glory Field

Team 8 East students have been busy in the past couple of weeks. They've been writing about a person who influenced them in a significant way, and they've also begun reading The Glory FIeld. This week, they are beginning to write a memoir, describing an emotional or life-changing experience they've had.

The Glory Field, a work of historical fiction, is one part of a larger project that will begin next week. In this project, students will explore their own heritage, focusing on hardships their ancestors may have had to endure as they immigrated to the U.S., much like the characters in the novel. Following that, students will write a short story about the ancestors they've traced, and will create a family tree.

The week of Thanksgiving, the whole 8th grade will visit Boston's House of Blues, where they'll learn about the history of music in the U.S., beginning with the music that grew out of slaves working in the fields, and the evolution of that music up to current times. This music is reflected in The Glory Field.

The next part of the project will allow students to choose between two options that both involve writing. The final part of the project will also offer a choice - this time between music and art.